Admissions Open 2024

Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

Prof. (Dr.) Jaideep Chatterjee

Ph.D. (Cornell University)- History of Architecture and Urbanism- USA
Ph.D. (Cornell University)- Socio-Cultural Anthropology- USA
Ms. Arch. (University of Cincinnati) USA
B.Arch. (Institute of Environmental Design, Gujarat)

Welcome to the Jindal School of Art & Architecture (JSAA) – The nation’s first interdisciplinary school for the study of the built environment. It is a privilege for me to present to you a one of kind school with its globally acclaimed faculty, cutting edge course offerings, innovative research, and singular facilities that makes the JSAA an exciting and wonderful place of learning.

The JSAA is a place where we invite you to discover yourself and your unique role as a transformer of our cities, towns, buildings, parks, street – in short, the built environment. Your groundbreaking coursework will facilitate this. You will work on the politics and meaning of representation and understand its implications for making. You will make things while reading philosophy and reflecting on what you make. In your ateliers you work on live projects with clients, vendors, and other stakeholders to create places and environment that are real and not merely on paper. You will take part in our short-term study abroad programs and collaborative research projects with students of the built environment from the world over. Our flexible coursework allows you to learn at your own pace and style. Your chosen programs of study with their major and minor areas of study present you with over 60 unique combinations and over 500 course combinations through which you can fashion yourself as a unique professional working with(in) the built environment. And Finally, you will be part of a dynamic internship program that places you at organizations are far beyond the ambit of traditional schools of architecture and built environment, with each internship tailored to your specific need.

If you are considering a career in the built environment, I invite you to go through our brochure, our webpage, and our social media sites as well as get in touch with the faculty and students of the JSAA. I am sure you will not only find something that ignites your passion but also discover a place and a group of people who can transform you into a creative professional who will make our future built environments just, equitable, safe, and sustainable.

We invite you to become a part of a cohort in a new selective and customizable program in JSAA.