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Dean’s Message


Dr. Thomas Mical

B.Des.Hons. (U. Florida), M.Arch. (Harvard GSD), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Georgia Tech)

Dean, Jindal School of Art and Architecture (JSAA)

Welcome to the Jindal School of Art and Architecture (JSAA), where the global pursuit of architectural knowledge is being tested. Here we aspire to an expanded field of design practice along social, environmental, and professional standards.

JSAA curriculum is organized around studio culture, which is an immersive and experiential project-based learning environment. This is supplemented by an array of experimental courses led by diverse JSAA faculty, with an emphasis upon local design solutions. Most JSAA faculty hold international degrees; many hold Ph.D.s in architecture and related disciplines.


The 5-year Bachelor of Architecture professional degree program follows the Council of Architecture regulations for those who wish to practice in India, and currently the B. Built Environment (Hons) welcomes students interested in the wider design and policy possibilities of urban and rural environments.

Architecture globally empowers individuals and communities to shape and re-shape the world in the face of complex wicked problems. This requires future leaders to be able to share questions and knowledge systems across disciplines, so our students pursue a minor in a second field of expertise for future success.


For JSAA we seek students who have unique visions of the world, a curiosity about re-making the world and the optimism to make positive changes, and who are eager to try new ways of learning and new processes of designing for the immediate future.

We invite you to become a part of a cohort in a new selective and customizable program in JSAA.