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Built Environment Studies BA (Hons.)

The BA (Hons.) in Built Environment Studies at the Jindal School of Art and Architecture is a unique 3 + 1 (fellowship year option) program in the country. This program is especially designed for students who are interested in building and maintaining our cities, towns, infrastructure and communities from a humanistic and social scientific background. Through courses in this program you learn about the fundamentals of design & making our cities, towns infrastructure and communities in addition to learning law, policy, environmental issues, question of economics, technology, sustainability and ecology; all of which prepare you for becoming active participants in making the Built Environment of the future. Your “classrooms” are live cases and projects where you work with experts to learn how design, policy and law and go hand in hand to make buildings, cities, infrastructure to secure development that is just and equitable for communities. You visit and intern in firms that work globally in areas of housing, urban development, community design and development, conservation and heritage management, landscape design, sustainable development to develop your own insights into the variety of people who work on the Built Environment. You also avail of many exchange opportunities with similar programs in some of the top schools of design globally.

At present, the program offers a pathway in Architecture studies to students after a common foundation year.

Architecture Studies:

The Architectural Studies program, is geared towards students who are especially keen to embark on a career of engaging with the built environment from the point of view of nature, culture, history, politics and society. The program combines course from design and the liberal arts to produce professionals who are committed to understanding and making our built environment just, safe and equitable. Graduate of this program would be part of a team of professionals who ensure that building designs and construction happens in a manner that is historically sensitive, contextually appropriate and both pleasing and sensitive to the needs of its inhabitants

The Architectural Studies provides you with the essential knowledge base and fundamental skills required to work as designer as well as a consultant within the many companies and sectors of the architectural, heritage and Conservation industry. Courses include but are not limited to,

·         Building Design

·         Sustainability

·         Environment and Ecology

·         Legality and the Built Environment

·         Society and Culture

·         Built Environment and Its Histories

·         Gender and Design

After Graduation:

Employment: After graduating from the Architectural studies pathway, students can enter the workforce directly as Green Building Consultants; Heritage and Conservation manager; Landscape designers; Project Managers and Real Estate Developers; Museum curators; Architectural Historians and Critics etc. 

Postgraduate Studies: Students graduating from the program (fellowship year option) become eligible for entry into Master’s Degree program across the world in Architecture; Planning and Regional Studies; Urban and Landscape Design; Project and Construction Management, to name a few. 

Graduating Students of the program (3 yr option) become eligible for Master’s degree program in Development Studies, Policy Studies; Ecology and Environment Studies; Development Studies etc.  

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Course and Credit Information:

Admissions Query:

For any query related to admissions into our B. Arch, B.A. (Hons.) Built Environment Studies & Bachelor of Design (B.Des) Programmes & hostel facilities, please contact.

Mr. Azad Ali                                                 

Director-Admissions & Outreach                                  

+91 8930302097