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Bachelor of Design (B.Des.)- Product & Furniture Pathway

The Bachelor of Design is a professional degree program for students who wish to work towards improving the inhabited spaces through experimental, experiential, and informed design processes. The program teaches students to imagine, propose, test and refine their ideas about how to live and dwell in the contemporary world and trains students in the knowledge systems that help anticipate changes in the future built environments (from domestic to urban scale). The program uniquely places student-centred inquiry as the core learning, through a sequential studio sequence culminating in a customized capstone design project. These courses are taught by internationally-trained design professors. The professional practice courses include new forms of social and technical knowledge: diversity, sustainability, digital representations and professional ethics. Other features of the program comprise diverse, customizable electives, a flexible system of minors in multiple subjects taught across schools within the university. This is a program for students with ambition, imagination and curiosity who wish to imagine and lead the design of a better world, and wishes to become knowledgeable and influential future design professions.

At present, the B. Des. Program offers Interior Pathway, Urban & Community Pathway and Product & Furniture Pathway after a common foundation year.

Product & Furniture Pathway:

Product and Furniture designers shape our built environments.  From household appliances to soft goods, from street lighting to street furniture, from appurtenances to furniture, from digital equipment to apparel; you will produce “stuff” that populates our homes, neighbourhoods, offices, and cities, making them beautiful, sustainable, cost-effective, user-friendly, universally accessible and just.

You will study systems-thinking and engage in an iterative, multi-disciplinary and collaborative design process that involves human-cantered research, observation, modelling, prototyping, and evaluation. You will learn current production and manufacturing processes as well explore emerging mediums and methods for creating thoughtful and responsible design solutions.

The Product & Furniture Pathway allows you to apply current practices of the industry through, though not limited to, the following

  • UI- UX Design
  • Digital Project Management
  • Stuff and Space layout
  • Alternative Practices
  • Collections, Curations, Museums
  • Gender and Design
  • Systems Thinking
  • Form and Structure
  • Colour and Texture
  • Materials and Making

After Graduation:

Employment: Some of the areas you could be working in include, but are not limited to: production design, furniture design, exhibition design, lighting design, graphic design, UI-UX design, restorer/conservator, toy and game design, industrial goods design, appurtenance and lifestyle design, design consulting, brand design, design research, home and kitchen design.

Postgraduate Studies: Graduating students of the program can apply to a variety of post-graduate programmes, both nationally and internationally, in and not limited to Interior Design studies, Architectural studies, Lighting Design studies, Design and Technology studies, Textiles Design, Product Design, Production Design, Industrial Design, Transdisciplinary Design studies, Urban Ecologies studies, Project Management, Business studies, Liberal Arts, Legal studies, Government and Political studies, Community Planning, Environment and Sustainability studies, Journalism and Communication, Economics and Policy studies amongst others.

Course and Credit Information:


Admissions Query:
For any query related to admissions into our B. Arch, B.A. (Hons.) Built Environment Studies & B.Des. Product & Furniture Pathway & hostel facilities, please contact.

Mr. Azad Ali

Director-Admissions & Outreach

+91 8930302097