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Bachelor of Design (B. Des.)- Immersive Digital Environments

The Bachelor of Design is a professional degree program for students who wish to work towards improving the inhabited spaces through experimental, experiential, and informed design processes. The program teaches students to imagine, propose, test and refine their ideas about how to live and dwell in the contemporary world and trains students in the knowledge systems that help anticipate changes in the future built environments (from domestic to urban scale). The program uniquely places student-centered inquiry as the core learning, through a sequential studio sequence culminating in a customized capstone design project. These courses are taught by internationally-trained design professors. The professional practice courses include new forms of social and technical knowledge: diversity, sustainability, digital representations, and professional ethics. Other features of the program comprise diverse, customizable electives, and a flexible system of minors in multiple subjects taught across schools within the university. This is a program for students with ambition, imagination, and curiosity who wish to imagine and lead the design of a better world, and wishes to become knowledgeable and influential future design professionals.

At present, the B. Des. program offers the Immersive Digital Environments Pathway, Interior Design Pathway, and Community & Urban Development Pathway after a common foundation year.

Approved by UGC  & Directorate of Higher Education, Haryana  (click)
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Immersive Digital Environments Pathway

From the metaverse to digital workplaces and online education, from robot-assisted surgeries to remote healthcare, from gaming to films and other media, from infrastructural development to designing of cities and their service system, from heritage preservation to virtual tours, Immersive Digital Environments are changing the way we understand, make and enhance our experiences and the world.  

As a one of its kind program of study in India today, the Bachelor of Design (Immersive Digital Environments) pathway is designed to train you in augmented, virtual, and mixed realities-based systems and their ability to develop digital immersive environments and narratives. You will especially work on developing advanced visual capture and processing systems, systems for hybrid virtual-physical immersion through augmentation of senses, and design frameworks for data-driven augmented reality and virtual reality storytelling, sensemaking, and placemaking.  

The pathway provides students with a variety of perspectives by drawing its faculty from a wide spectrum of academic and operational expertise, ranging from Sociology, Engineering, Law, Arts, Programming, Illustration design, Graphic Design, Sound Design, Motion Media, Architecture, Geography, Economics, Anthropology.

Graduates of the immersive Digital Environments pathway at JSAA learn through an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes, but is not limited to,

·        Motion media design technique

·        Virtual storytelling

·        Core principles of programming

·        Immersive sound design

·        Immersive animation

·        Digital imaging

·        Digital communication

·        Illustration and storyboarding

·        Representation lab

·        Elements and composition

·        Visual effects

·        Perceptual and Cognitive factors

·        User Experience and User Interface techniques

After Graduation

Employment: Design Architect, AR / VR Designers, 3D Game Designers, Metaverse Storytellers, Graphic Designers, Product and Project Managers, Metaverse Research, Scientist, Metaverse Planner, Ecosystem Developer, World Builders, 3D Artists, Environment Artists, Game Designers, Mixed Reality Designers, UI/UX Designer, VR Content Producer amongst others.

Postgraduate Studies:
Students graduating from the preprogram become eligible for entry into a Master’s Degree Programme across the world in Graphic Design, Animation, Visual Communication, Interaction Design, UI/UX Design, Metaverse Planning, Film Making, and Game Design to name a few.

Admissions Query:

For any query related to admissions into our B. Arch, & Bachelor of Design (B. Des) Programmes & hostel facilities, please contact.

Mr. Azad Ali

Director-Admissions & Outreach

+91 8930302097