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About us

About JSAA

Hands-On Approach

At JSAA, learning happens through experiencing spaces and forms through materiality, walking through streets, conversing with multiple stakeholders, observing and using varied forms of documentation.

Global Faculty

The faculty team comprises of urbanists, architects, historians, anthropologists, artists, lawyers and engineers who have studied and taught in various reputed universities all around the world.

Multi-Disciplinary Curriculum

Students will be encouraged to work across different disciplines enabling them to think critically, create and make using varied tools and mediums, read extensively across disciplines and set new frameworks of research and practice.

About JSAA

The Jindal School of Art and Architecture is founded with the vision to become one of the foremost schools of learning of the visual, material and the built environments. The School is committed to developing an academic environment that is intellectually rigorous, interdisciplinary, innovative, and creative. The school follows internationally accepted best practices of the academia and is supported by an acclaimed faculty. We believe in research and innovative excellence that fosters interdisciplinary research cutting across academic programs allowing students and faculty to actively engage in addressing the most pressing issues facing our world today.

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International Collaborations


Research Centres

Voices from practice

Hear from those who work with and research our cities, our built Environment; from those who train other practitioners? What is this work like? With who do they work? How did begin with their study of architecture and the built environment. What kind of academic training did they receive? How did their families feel about their chosen field? How do they feel about their work?


Digital Lab_0

Digital Centre

Students will have fulltime access to high end workstations, 3-d printer, scanner, plotters, DSLR cameras, wide-angle and telephoto lenses. They will also learn to work on various software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk, Bentley Suite, ArcGIS and ENVI.
Fabrication Lab

Fabrication Lab

Here students will learn to work with various materials and give physical form to their ideas. They will be trained to work with both hand held and fixed fabrication equipment, along with 3D software.
Environment Research Lab

Environment Research Lab

Here students will learn about various materials, their strengths, usability and areas of application. This will include both natural and man-made resources such as soil, wood, sand, timber, concrete, brick, cement and many others.
Construction Lab_0

Construction Lab

Students will learn about various typologies and techniques of construction and structural systems. They will work simultaneously with machine equipment and software for designing structural systems.