Health Care

JGU has partnered with Apollo Life, an auxiliary of Apollo Hospitals, for managing and operating the Health Centre in the campus. The University has a permanent health centre for the faculty, staff, and students who need medical attention. With a 24-hour availability of essential drugs and medicine free of cost, and advanced equipment installed, the Health Centre acts as an infirmary of the University. Along with stretcher and wheelchair facilities, the Health Centre has obtained a fully equipped ambulance providing round the clock assistance.

- The following facilities are available in the Health centre:

- The Health Centre operates round the clock, and has a team of 17 medical professionals including:

-All emergency medicines and equipment are available in the Health Centre.

-Specialist doctors in ENT, Orthopaedics and Gynaecology are available in the Health Centre on a monthly basis.

- The Health Centre also has one Chief Nurse and Health Centre manager, three male senior nurses, two female senior nurses,, one male nursing assistant (Sports) and one female assistant nurse.