LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Law and Policy

LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Law and Policy


About The Programme

The LL.M. programme in Corporate and Financial Law and Policy at JGLS promotes interdisciplinary engagement with corporate, financial, and economic laws. By delving into various modes of investment and associated risks, students gain a unique opportunity to understand the decision-making process and underlying challenges and impediments. The programme offers an expansive list of specialized courses that cover the nuances of corporate restructuring, risk and return associated with investment, contemporary issues in mergers and acquisitions, and strategies to improve the financial stability of corporate entities.

Taught by experienced corporate lawyers and academicians, the specialized courses are designed to enhance practical understanding with academic rigour. This specialization is particularly suitable for corporate lawyers, business professionals, academicians, financial regulators, and legal practitioners seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of the complex interplay between corporate and financial laws and policies. The LL.M. programme provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today's dynamic corporate environment, and equips them to tackle the challenges of a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

What Makes It Different at JGU

The LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Law and Policy at JGLS is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the complex legal and economic challenges faced by corporate entities in today's globalized world. The programme's cutting-edge curriculum has been developed with input from leading academics, industry professionals, and regulators.

In addition to classroom learning, LL.M. students in this specialization will have access to a range of research and professional conferences on contemporary corporate law topics organized by JGLS and other schools of O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University). These opportunities will allow students to engage in advanced discussions and debates with leading scholars, practitioners, and policymakers in the field.
The JGLS faculties and legal professionals have outstanding academic qualifications and the university houses a diverse array of research centres. This offers LL.M. students a unique platform to participate in cutting-edge research, providing them with an opportunity to work alongside leading academics and researchers.

The admission process for the LL.M. programme comprises two steps. Firstly, candidates need to appear for one of the following entrance examinations, which will carry a weightage of 70% in the admission process:

  1. LSAT-India Entrance Test 2023: Interested candidates can register for the online LSAT-India entrance test and obtain further information on the same by visiting the following link: https://www.discoverlaw.in
  2. CLAT PG Entrance Test 2023

Candidates can register for the LSAT-India 2023 entrance test at https://pearsonvue.excelindia.com/lsatindia/.

Once registered, candidates must submit their Statement of Purpose, Academic documents and Curriculum Vitae online at https://lawadmissions.jgu.edu.in/

The LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Law and Policy is a comprehensive programme that provides a strong foundation in corporate and financial laws, policies and regulations. The programme is designed to cater to the needs of legal professionals, business executives, academics, regulators, and practitioners interested in expanding their knowledge in this field. The core courses in Legal Research Methodology, Law and Justice in a Globalizing World, and Comparative Public Law provide a broad understanding of the legal system, while the specialized courses delve deeper into specific areas of corporate and financial law and policy.

The specialized courses cover a range of topics, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, securities regulation, and insolvency law. These courses are taught by experienced faculty members with expertise in the field, who incorporate practical case studies and real-world examples into their teaching. The programme also includes a dissertation component, which allows students to undertake independent research on a topic of their choice, under the guidance of a faculty member.

LL.M. students in Corporate and Financial Law and Policy will have access to a range of research centers and academic resources at JGLS and the wider O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University) community. The programme is designed to provide a unique learning experience that combines academic rigor with practical application, preparing students for careers in the legal and business world.

The LL.M. programme at JGLS offers students the opportunity to pursue their career objectives and become subject experts in their field of interest. Some students may wish to pursue a PhD at a later stage, and the LL.M. programme provides a solid foundation to acquire research skills. At JGLS, students receive guidance and support from experienced faculty members to help them achieve their career goals.

To facilitate national and international internships and placements, JGLS has established the Office of Career Services (OCS). Students interested in internships and placements are encouraged to contact the Assistant Dean of Student Initiatives, subject to the prior approval of the Director of Post Graduate Legal Studies. Students must be in good academic standing to be eligible for internships with firms and organizations that have entered into an agreement with JGLS. All applications will be assessed by a committee of faculty members nominated by the Vice Chancellor. However, the final decision to select students for internships and placements remains with the organizations themselves.

To promote the research work of students, the Law School conducts a student colloquium after the internship, where students have the opportunity to present their research work to faculty members and fellow students. Selected students for internships will have to sign a letter of undertaking to ensure that they maintain proper discipline, good behavior and accountability during their internship.

The Student Exchange Programme at Jindal Global Law School provides an excellent opportunity for students enrolled in the LL.M. Programme to pursue their second semester at one of JGLS’s partner universities. This programme has been very popular among students, as it allows them to not only enrich their academic and professional lives but also gain a broader perspective by studying at our partner institutions.

The Student Exchange Programme is designed to be revenue-neutral regarding tuition fees, meaning that students will continue to pay their tuition fees at their home institution and will be responsible for their travel, living, and other ancillary expenses during the exchange programme.

In addition to the Student Exchange Programme, JGLS offers the Global Immersion Fellowship for Talent & Educational Development (GIFTED) Programme. This programme provides LL.M. students with a unique opportunity to pursue international education in India with a defined pathway to the LL.M. programme at JGLS’s partner universities.

Currently, the participating law schools in the GIFTED Programme are the School of Law at Texas A&M University and the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University. Selected students spend their Fall semester at JGLS, where they complete all compulsory courses before moving to the partner university in the Spring semester. Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded a dual LL.M. degree, one from JGU and the other from the partner university, allowing them to complete two LL.M. degrees in one year.

JGLS also offers the JGLS-Brunel Dual LL.M. Programme, which provides a unique opportunity for JGLS students to secure two LL.M. degrees. The selected students spend one year at JGLS and another year of study at Brunel Law School to pursue the Masters of Law (LL.M.) programme.

Finally, the JGLS-QMUL 1+1 Collaboration offers another opportunity for JGLS students to secure two LL.M. degrees. The selected students spend one year at JGLS and another year of study at the Queen Mary University of London to pursue the Masters of Law (LL.M.) programme.

Overall, these international collaborations and exchange programmes provide JGLS students with exceptional opportunities to gain a broader perspective, enrich their academic and professional lives, and obtain dual LL.M. degrees from some of the most renowned law schools in the world.

JGLS believes that an international experience is essential for students to recognize and embrace different cultural and community perspectives, creating new career opportunities and broadening their worldview. To facilitate this, JGLS offers a range of geographically diverse and academically enriching Student Exchange programmes for one semester. These programmes offer students the opportunity to study abroad at one of JGLS’s partner institutions, spread across varying legal systems, and bring back a unique learning experience. The exchanges not only enrich students’ academic and professional lives, but also enhance language learning, intercultural skills, self-reliance, and self-awareness, making them citizens of the world.

The programme is open to students pursuing the five-year B.Com. / B.B.A. LL.B / B.A. LL.B, three-year LL.B., and one-year LL.M. programmes. Eligible students from JGLS spend a semester at one of our partner institutions across the globe, and the programme is revenue-neutral with respect to tuition fees.

Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) provides an academic support programme called the ‘LIFE in Law’ programme for students who face academic challenges. This programme is designed to assist students who need additional support in passing their re-sit examinations. The ‘LIFE in Law’ programme is a teaching-oriented program, with a focus on preparing students for re-sit examinations.

The programme is designed to cater to the needs of students who require assistance in academics. It provides a support system to help students overcome academic challenges and succeed in their studies. The entire programme is designed to be teaching-oriented, with a focus on preparing students for re-sit examinations.

Overall, the ‘LIFE in Law’ programme at JGLS is a valuable resource for students who require academic support, providing them with the necessary tools to overcome academic challenges and succeed in their studies.