‘Quality assurance is a term generally used to describe the processes that seek to ensure that the learning environment (including teaching and research) reaches an acceptable threshold of quality. Quality Assurance is also used to describe the enhancement of education and training provision and the standards attained by learners’

Quality Assurance is a shared responsibility of the entire University community. 

It is a successful endeavour only with the full support and cooperation of the management, the teaching and non-teaching staff, and the students, as it impacts every aspect of the University’s work. In the current globalized world of higher education, exercises relating to accreditations, world rankings and ratings of higher education institutions make it necessary to focus on institutional excellence. Institutional excellence however, is a moving target.

JGU deals with it by going beyond the minimum standards mandated by national regulatory, accreditation and assessment agencies, and pursuing efforts to meet standards for teaching, research and other institutional aspects set by leading ranking agencies; and promoting internationalisation as a way to provide transnational educational experiences to our students. Quality assurance is the bedrock for institutional excellence.

The work of Internal Quality Assurance Team is to facilitate the internalization of quality assurance measures and promote a quality culture in the University. In this context, we seek the support and cooperation of staff, students and faculty and encourage them to provide feedback they may have relating to any aspect of their University life and experience in JGU to the team via quality.assurance@jgu.edu.in.