Student Disciplinary committee

The JGU Student Discipline Committee is constituted as follows:  

  1.    Prof. Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik, Chief Proctor [Chair]
  2.    Professor Nicolas De Zamaroczy – Assistant Proctor [Deputy/Vice Chair]
  3.    Professor Kartik Yadav – Assistant Proctor [Member Secretary]
  4.    Prof. Jasmeet Gulati, Associate Professor & Associate Dean, JGLS;
  5.    Prof. Gaganpreet Singh, Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean, JGLS;
  6.   Prof. Karan Latayan, Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean, JGLS;
  7.    Prof. Tanvee Nandan, Assistant Professor, JGLS;
  8.   Prof. Kulpreet Kaur, Assistant Professor, JGBS;
  9.    Prof. Jithesh Kumar Kaniyankandi, Assistant Professor, JGBS;
  10.    Prof. Ambreen Agha, Assistant Professor, JSIA;
  11.   Prof. Sripathi Narayanan, Assistant Professor, JSIA;
  12.    Mr. Pratik Phadkule, Research Associate, JSGP;
  13.    Prof. Arun Kumar Kaushik, Assistant Professor, JSLH;
  14.    Ms. Yasodhara Rakshit, Research Associate, JSLH;
  15.    Prof. Ishan Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, JSJC;
  16.    Prof. Sarover Zaidi, Assistant Professor, JSAA;
  17.    Prof. Tithi Bhatnagar, Assistant Professor and Deputy Director, JIBS;
  18.   Prof. Mohita Junarkar, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, JIBS;
  19.    Mr. Amit Lahiri, Associate Director and Chief Sustainability Officer, IIHEd;
  20.    Ms. Anitha Shibu; [Secretary]
  21.   One undergraduate student nominated by the Undergraduate Students Council when the student under investigation is an undergraduate student;
  22. One postgraduate student nominated by the Postgraduate Students Council when the student under investigation is a postgraduate student;

The members of the Student Discipline Committee shall hold office until such time as the Committee is reconstituted by JGU Administration. 

 Powers and Functions of the Student Discipline Committee

  • To investigate and make findings upon any complaint against a student referred to it by the Security Officer/ Chief Warden/ Dean/ Registrar/ Vice Chancellor or any faculty member or non-teaching staff of the University. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the Committee may invite relevant faculty, staff or students to testify before the DC.
  • To submit its findings on individual complaints to the Registrar along with its recommendations as to appropriate course of action to be taken.
  • To make recommendations on the policies and procedures relating to student discipline including matters relating to violations of the Code of Conduct and Penalties thereof.
    (iv) To examine the Code of Conduct for Students and suggest necessary changes in the Code from time to time.