A three-member Core Administrative Committee has been constituted. Following individuals will be the members of the committee.

  1. Mr. Jitu Mishra
  2. Mr. Arun Jain
  3. Mrs. Surinder Kaur

The committee has the mandate to inspect all administrative departments, stores, buildings, food outlets, housing and other facilities with a view to:

  1. Review performance of the vendors involved in house-keeping service, Sodexo food services, washex, food outlets, security agencies, waste disposal, transport services, Annual Maintenance Contracts of JGU Infra, IT, Library and other JGU Administrative departments to ensure that all administrative operations are conducted smoothly and that JGU’s financial interests are fully protected.  There should be no overcharging of members of JGU community by vendors.
  • Optimal resource utilisation and accountability across various administrative departments.
  • Propose policies for Asset management including the process for the disposing of assets after the completion of its useful life. 
  • Any other ideas and suggestions for the betterment of students and other members of JGU community and for over-all improvement

The Committee will meet the Registrar once in every week (10 am on every Monday) and will submit their suggestions.  A monthly review will be held with the top management.