Committee on Disability Issues

The disability support committee has been reconstituted as follows:


  1. Keerty Nakray, Associate Professor, JGLS- Chairperson
  2. John Clammer, Professor, JSLH, Member Secretary
  3. Dr Shilpi Bhattacharya, Associate Professor, JGLS
  4. Manisha Mishra, Assistant Professor, JGBS
  5. Dr Sugandha Nagpal, Assistant Professor, JSIA
  6. Manjushree Palit, Deputy Director and Associate Professor, JIBS
  7. Sukumar Muralidharan, Associate Professor, JSJC
  8. Maaz Bin Bilal, Associate Professor, JSLH
  9. Swati Malik, Assistant Professor, JGLS
  10. Princy Marin George, Assistant Professor of Practice & Director, OSIIR
  11. Indu Kapoor, Joint Director, Health Centre

Terms of reference:

  • To evolve proper procedures to identify and provide academic support to students with disabilities; establish clear procedures for deadline extensions, support services (such as use of readers; scribes in examination) and re-examination for students with such difficulties in accordance with the University Grants Commission guidelines; create a student volunteer base to undertake various academic support activities for students with disabilities.
  • Sensitize staff members and students about physical and mental health difficulties faced by such persons and encourage referrals to this committee.
  • Keeping the Persons with Disabilities Act and rules framed thereunder, UGC guidelines and guidelines issued by the Government of Haryana in view, make appropriate recommendations for their effective implementation.
  • To have “access audits” of the JGU campus conducted.

Frequency of Meetings:

  • The committee shall meet at least once in a semester or as often as may be needed.
  • The committee can co-opt other faculty members, non-teaching staff and students.