University Doctoral Committee

The JGU University Doctoral Committee is constituted as follows:

  • K.K. Pandey, Vice Dean, JGBS (Chair)
  • Vesselin Popovski, Vice Dean, JGLS (Co-Chair)
  • Shiv Prasad Swaminathan, JGLS
  • Brajesh Kumar, JGBS.
  • Abdul Fattah Ammourah, Vice Dean, JSIA.
  • Vinod Vyasulu, Vice Dean, JSGP
  • Manjushree Palit, JIBS
  • Neha Sehgal, JGBS – Member Secretary

Terms of Reference:

  • To carry out all functions entrusted to it under the Ph.D. Regulations.
  • The Committee shall be responsible for overseeing all aspects of PhD right from the stage of selection of a candidate as per University Grants Commission guidelines till conferment of final degree and in particular, to see whether entrance examination and interview have been conducted or not, completion of course work and credits as per timelines given in the Regulations and also to keep all relevant records.
  • To review scheme for JGU Ph.D. Degree from time to time and suggest suitable criteria in the interests of maintaining high academic standards.
  • To review the course work followed in different schools and also study the international standards with a view to raise the standards significantly.
  • To review the intake every year and to suggest changes, if any, in the number of students as well as fellowship amount.
  • To suggest measures from time to time to promote and deepen research focus in various schools of JGU and promote academic innovations.

Frequency of Meetings:

The committee shall meet at least once in every Quarter or as often as may be required.