Research & Ethics Review Board Committee The principal objective of the RERB is to ensure that the research conducted in JGU or sponsored by JGU adheres to international standards for research and ethics. This would maximise the publication possibilities of research findings in the best international journals, award of external research grants to JGU applicants and strengthen the overall academic and research environment in our University. Adherence to the RERB guidelines for research undertaken in the University will protect both JGU as well as the researcher from unwarranted issues and delays in completion of research, dissemination of research findings and, most important, enhance their credibility. The JGU Research & Ethics Review Board Committee is constituted as follows: List of RERB Members:
  • Chairperson: Dr. Shiv Vishvanathan, Professor and Vice Dean, JGLS
  • Member Secretary: Dr. Mousumi Mukherjee, Associate Professor & Deputy Director, IIHEd
General Members:
  • Dr. Mohita Junnarkar, Associate Professor & Assistant Director, JIBS
  • Dr. Oishik Sirkar, Associate Professor, JGLS
  • Dr. Mani Shekhar Singh, Associate Professor, JGLS
  • Dr. Shilpi Bhattacharya, Professor, JGLS
  • Dr. Dipika Jain, Professor & Vice Dean, JGLS
  • Dr. Saroj Koul, Professor & Vice Dean, JGBS
  • Dr. Krishan Kumar Pandey, Professor, JGBS & Director, ODS
  • Dr. Vivek U. Padvetnaya, Associate Professor & Associate Dean, JSGP
  • Dr. Nikhil Damodaran, Assistant Professor, JSGP
  • Dr. Rajdeep Pakanati, Associate Professor, JSIA
  • Dr. Sweta Sen, Assistant Professor, JSIA
  • Prof. Deepanshu Mohan, Associate Professor, JSLH
  • Dr. Derick Hall Lindquist, Associate Professor, JSLH
  • Dr. Lipika Kamra, Assistant Professor, JSLH
  • Prof. Kishalay Bhattacharjee, Professor & Vice Dean, JSJC
  • Dr. Suruchi Mazumdar, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Thomas Mical, Professor & Dean, JSAA
  • Dr. Girish Agarwal, Professor & Vice Dean, JSAA
  • Dr. Amlan Das Gupta, Associate Professor, JSBF
  • Dr. Syed Mohammed Faisal, Assistant Professor, JSBF
  • Dr. Tarini Mehta, Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean, JSES
  • Dr. Indu Kapoor, Senior Medical officer, JGU Health Centre
Frequency of Meetings: 
  • The full Board shall meet at least twice in a calendar year  or as often as may be needed to examine applications for RERB clearance.