Professor Andrew Taggart

Professor Taggart is responsible for supporting our eight schools, and providing a key linkage between academic and professional staff. The Provost also provides senior level support for domestic student recruitment and leads our local, regional and national engagement.

Professor Taggart received his PhD in Education from Ohio State University and was previously Pro Vice Chancellor Engagement at Murdoch University. In this role, as Pro Vice Chancellor he had responsibility for building broad ranging research and teaching relationships with key stakeholders. Research and teaching partnerships with India and the sub-continent have also been a special focus and Professor Taggart continues to be a regular visitor to the region.

With special focus on the Perth’s Southern Corridor, Professor Taggart has led the recruitment of ‘low SES/First in Family’ students to attend university and the development of partnerships with all schools in the region. Of particular significance is his leadership in the MAP4U social inclusion in education project – with over $5million in funding for increasing educational participation and attainment.

Professor Taggart has also held senior positions at Edith Cowan University, Curtin University and The Ohio State University.

He is a passionate advocate for the importance of education in assisting people to capitalise on their inherent potential, and for the key contribution that quality research and innovation make to productivity and sustainable economic development.