The Centre for India-Australia Studies (CIAS) is the first and only Centre with a focus on the India-Australia bilateral relationship that is embedded in an Indian Higher Education Institution.

The vision of CIAS is to emphasise the important bilateral relationship existing between India and Australia. Our success is gauged by developing mutually beneficial outcomes for both nations. We do this by harnessing the synergies between important focal points of the bilateral international relationship and JGU’s competencies in International Affairs, Business, Public Policy, Law, Arts and Humanities. This stresses stronger links and a more meaningful engagement between numerous higher education stakeholders such as

  • Institutions;

  • Researchers and Academics;

  • Students and Youth;

  • Businesses; and

  • Government and Policy-makers”.

As the India-Australia relationship grows from strength to strength, encouraged by the convergence of common interests in various areas such as education, regional security, energy and resources and international trade, both nations have taken extraordinary steps to strengthen bilateral ties. Since November 2014, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed a state visit to Australia, the first by an Indian Prime Minister in almost three decades, highlighting the strengthening ties between the governments of both countries.

Encouraged by the growth of the bilateral relationship at a Government-to-Government level, the CIAS hopes to encourage other stakeholders to embrace the India-Australia relationship.