Lectures and Seminars

International Conference on “Business, Law and Ethics: Conflict or Coherence” held at India Habitat Center.

On 13 February 2018, the Centre for India Australia Studies partnered with Jindal Global Business School and Macquarie University to organise a productive conference at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. Attended by interested scholars, researchers, and students from Jindal Global University, participants engaged in a fascinating series of discussions about the nature of ethics and the ethical challenges that exist in the contemporary world of law and business practice. The event was attended by Vice Chancellors, Deans, and Professors from both Macquarie University and Jindal Global University, and Jindal Global Business School postgraduate students, ensuring that a diversity of scholarly opinions and a range of perspectives were shared on relevant business and legal ethics issues. Critical issues discussed during the conference included ethical traits for success in professional life, corporate governance and public policy, the impact and ethics of artificial intelligence, and the theoretical dimensions of business ethics. In the pre-lunch session, Professor C Raj Kumar (Vice Chancellor of O. P. Jindal Global University), Professor Nicole Brigg (Pro Vice Chancellor, Macquarie University), and Professor Tapan Panda (Dean Jindal Global Business School) signed a memorandum of understanding between Jindal Global Business School and Macquarie University’s Faculty of Business and Economics. After this, Professor Debhasis Chatterjee (Director General, International Management Institute), Professor Arjya Majumdar (Director, Academic Planning, Co-ordination & Interdisciplinarity, Jindal Global Law School), Professor Philomena Leung (Associate Dean, International and Corporate Engagement, Macquarie University), Professor Manisha Mishra (Program Director, Jindal Global Business School), Professor Stephen Brammer (Executive Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University, and Professor Niraj Gupta (Head School of Corporate Governance and Public Policy, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs) delivered interesting sessions on various aspects of business and legal ethics. Finally, Dr Laknath Jayasinghe (Associate Director, Centre for India Australia Studies, and Associate Professor, Jindal Global Business School) delivered the vote of thanks.