Lectures and Seminars

Roundtable discussion on “Foucauldian Approaches to Law” with Dr. Ben Golder, University of new South Wales

On 15 November 2017, Dr. Ben Golder, Associate Professor, University of New South Wales Law School delivered a seminar and Roundtable discussion at O.P. Jindal Global University. Dr. Golder is best known for his book Foucault’s Law (Routledge 2009) [co-authored with Peter Fitzpatrick] and more recently Foucault and the Politics of Rights (Stanford 2015). Dr. Golder introduced some key conceptual and methodological themes that concern Foucauldian approaches to law and offered a trajectory of his own scholarly journey with Foucault. Dr. Golder’s comments were followed by an open discussion where participants share their experiences of encountering Foucauldian thought in their own work.