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Center for Media Development & Communication Rights

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Center for Media Development & Communication Rights

In recent years, India has witnessed significant changes in the media ecology due to the proliferation of digital technologies, social media platforms, and changing audience preferences.

While these changes offer unprecedented access to information and platforms for public expression, they also raise concerns about misinformation, privacy violations, and the erosion of traditional journalistic standards.

There are also concerns around issues of access, inclusion and mediated violence against the most marginalised communities including tribal, adivasi and indigenous peoples, as well as members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

There is a need to reflect on older technologies like radio, and support community-owned and managed local media that could foster inclusion and communication rights for all. 

In such a dynamic environment, there is a pressing need for a dedicated institution that will work on the following themes:

  1. Media Literacy and Ethics:Promoting media literacy and ethical journalism practices among students, professionals, and the public at large.
  2. Communication Rights:Advocating for the protection of communication rights, including freedom of expression, access to information and privacy in the digital age.
  3.   Media Policy and Regulation: Engaging in research and analysis to inform media policy and regulation, particularly in areas related to digital media, data privacy, and content moderation.
  4.    Media Development:Supporting the growth and sustainability of a diverse and inclusive media ecosystem through capacity-building, training, and research.

The Center for Media Development & Communication Rights (CMDCR), established within the Jindal School of Journalism & Communication, intends to become the premier space for research and training on these issues.

Founded by Prof.Venu Arora and Prof.N.Ramakrishnan, who teach the radio and television courses within JSJC’s journalism programme, CMDCR takes forward their extensive research experience and project work across India, South and South East Asia on developing new methodologies around participatory communication for social change; and participatory evaluation of communication interventions using ethnographic action research processes.

Prof. Ramakrishnan and Arora have also been at the forefront of the community radio movement in India, building the technical capacity of stations that have been established over the last two decades, even as they worked with the CR community and the Govt. of India on policy reform and the establishment of the Community Radio Support Fund. 

CMDCR has recently signed an MoU with ANNIE (the Asian Network of News and Information Educators), based in Hong Kong University, and is currently establishing a student-led factcheck lab at JSJC.

Prof. N.Ramakrishnan

Co-founder/Director, CMDCR / Associate Professor of Practice (Radio & TV), JSJC

Prof. Venu Arora

Co-founder/Director, CMDCR / Associate Professor of Practice (Radio & TV), JSJC

CMDCR welcomes inter-school collaborations on research and capacity building. It also provides special lectures and capacity building support to other institutions and  universities on community media; participatory communication; digital justice and equity, digital media and information literacy; and related issues.

For more information, or to discuss potential research collaborations or capacity building, please write to