Tripti Bhushan

Tripti Bhushan

Assistant Professor

B.A. LL. B(Hons). -Amity University, Lucknow

LL.M- (Hidayatullah National Law University) Raipur


Tripti Bhushan currently serves as an Assistant Professor at O. P Jindal Global Law School and holds a Fellowship at the Centre for Law and Humanities at JGU. Previously, she worked as a Lecturer and Teaching and Research for Intellectual Pursuit (TRIPS) Fellow and Academic Tutor at Jindal Global Law School. Prior to that, she served as an Assistant Professor at Kalinga University, Raipur. She has completed her undergraduate program (B.A, LL.B)(Hons) from Amity Law School, Lucknow, and pursued her Post Graduate Program (LL.M) in Intellectual Property Rights from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur, where she received distinction with Grade ‘A’ for her dissertation. She has also taught as Visiting Faculty at various institutions including Indore Law Institute, ARKA Jain University, and HVPS Mumbai Law College.

She has been invited as a Resource Person for delivering lectures/Sessions at various International/National Organizations such as ” Asiatic International Business Academy’, Peruvian Bar Association, International Congress, Legal Desire Summit, Path Lexis, NMIMS Mumbai, MNLU, Amity Universities, MSME Gangtok, MSME New Delhi, Department of Forensic Science & Criminology, Madurai, Parul University, JECRC University Jaipur. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

She has various Publication in journals like Indonesian Journal of International Law, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), NTUT Journal of Intellectual Property and Management, Oxford University Hub, Law School Policy Review NLSIU Bangalore, International Journal of Public Law and Policy, OCHCR, Brazilian Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution(RBADR). She has edited a book titled “Handbook on Legal Contemporary Issues in India” published by Blue Rose Publishers which is forwarded by Hon’ble Justice Vineet Kothari (Former Chief Justice Gujarat High Court) and authored Book on Facets of Media Law and Intellectual Property Rights. At JGLS,she is the receipient of Research Excellence Award in the year 2021.

She has also completed various National & International Courses from W.I.P.O, CISCO Networking Academy, United States Institute of Peace, Dr. Ram Manohar Lahiya National Law University, Lucknow, The Law Learners, ADBI Institute, University of De Geneva, Amity University, Alison. She has also completed Professional Development Program from University of Buraimi. She has also completed an IP Training Program under National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission NIPAM organized by Intellectual Property Office. She is an Advisory Board Member of International Centre for Intellectual Property Laws (IC-IPL) and a Young Member at Young ICCA (International Council for Commercial Arbitration).

She has also served as a judge for various Moot Court competitions and Conferences, including the Third GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition in association with Cyber Law University Goenka University  and the National Justice Dipak Misra Moot Court Competition & judge the First I-Win-IP National I.P.R Moot Court in collaboration with Centre of IPR & Patent Facilitation & University of Osmania.

Earlier she has also worked with The National T.V as Content Writer & Nexus Legal Associates. She has attended various International/National Conferences at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, International Conference on Environmental Law at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, International Trade & I.P.R Conference by Intellectual Society of Entrepreneurship & Research Development (ISERD India). Cambridge University, Staffordshire University, Kent Law School, U.K, 9th Biennial Asian society of international law conference in Bandung, Indonesia, Villa Law College Maldieves, ASIANSIL Intersessional Conference organised by KIMEP University Almaty and Narxoz University , Kazakhstan, Almaty. She has Interned at various organizations & Law Firms during her law school including Bharucha & Partners, Chiramrit Legal, The Law Desk, Neeraj Associates, Indian Oil Corporation, N.T.P.C(National Thermal Power Corporation), Judicial Training & Research Institute (J.T.R.I), U.P Human Rights Commission.

  • ‘Award for Research Excellence:’ Jindal Global University (2021-2022).
  • ‘Award for Best External Paper:’ in Annual conference organized by Kent Law School, U.K (2021).
  • ‘Recipient of ‘Emerging Scientist Award in the field of Law In year (2020).
Books, Monographs and Edited Volumes:
  1. Editor-in -chief for book “Handbook in Legal Contemporary Issues in India” (ISBN-978-93-5668-453-9), Blue Rose Publishers forwarded by Hon’ble Justice Vineet Kothari (Former Chief Justice Gujarat High Court) (2022)

2 Royal,Paritesh and .Bhushan, Tripti  , Book titled “Looking into the Question of Terrorism in India: Through the Prism of International Law”, (ISBN-9381902801), Young Writers Publication (2021)

3.Editor for book “Facets of Media Laws and Intellectual Property Rights” (ISBN-9-788195-148134), Research Culture Society Publication (2021)

Journal/Research  Articles
  1. Bhushan, T, Chatterjee, Piyali Hazards of Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), (March 2024), 59(13), pp. 5
  2. Bhushan, T, Negative Impact of ChatGPT in Research, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), (April 2023), 58(14), pp. 5
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  14. Global Sports Policy Review on ‘ Glimpse of Sports Industry vis-a-vis Sports Law through Lens of Intellectual Property Rights“(2021).
  15. Proposal on Covid -19 & it’s Impact on Children’s Mental Health” to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child,OCHCR (2021).
  16. P., Bhushan.T.,”’The Concept of “Common Heritage of Mankind” in the Trusteeship Council: A Critical Analysis”, International Journal of Law, Management and Humanities, ISSN 2581-5369
Newspaper/International Magazines
  1. T., The Navigating Societal Expectation :Womens , Marriage, Career Choices, and Autonomy in the Face of Traditional Norm ,The daily guardian (November 2023)
  2. T., Social Media and data privacy: navigating the digital landscape, The daily guardian (November 2023)
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Book Chapter
  1. Book National and Global Security Challenges: Approaches and Stratagies contributed a Book Chapter to the book published with ISBN No – Bharti Publication, Edited by Prof. (Dr) C. B Bhange Professor & HOD of Military Science, Maharashtra & Devidas Vijya Bhosle, Professor & HoD of Defence & Strategic Studies Maharashtra.
Consultancy /Editorial Position

Editorial Board Member

1.The Advocates League (TAL) is an initiative whose work is devoted in the field of legal research such as publications and organizing conferences ISSN(Online)-2582 6913.

Review Board Member

1.Member of Reviewer Board at Indian Law Institute – Indian Law Review and will be assisting the editorial board in the review process of the Journal

Advisory Board Member
  1. Chair & Advisory Board member at International Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (IC-IPL),Law Essentials.
  2. Young Member at Young ICCA (International Council for Commercial Arbitration).


Elective Course
  1. Runway to Courtroom :Fashion Law and Commercial Modelling (Self Designed Elective)
  2. Understanding Facets of Media Laws in India.
  3. General Principles of IPR
  4. Human Rights and Emerging Technologies
  5. Law of Torts
  6. Celebrity Personality Rights: Overlapping IPR
LLM Blended
  1. Commercial Contract Drafting
Core Courses
  1. Law of Banking
Invited Speaker /Panelists
  1. Invited as Speaker to deliver Guest Lecture on” Fashion Law and Commercial Modelling through lens of IPR “ at Maharashtra National Law University Nagpur, April 2024.
  2. Invited as Speaker to deliver Guest lecture at One Week online certificate course on “Sports law and IP in India ‘ organised by MNLU, Mumbai in October 2023.
  3. Invited as Speaker at International Congress IV National Multidisciplinary Congress on Post Bicentennial Law Window 2022, Glimpse of Increasing Domestic Violence during the Pandemic in U.K & India. (November 2022)
  4. Invited as Panel speakers in Ideas in progress Seminar Series hosted by Think Tank Program on Human Rights, Family & Gender by GRN held in (U.K, London) (May 28, 2021.
  5. Invited as a Panelist for “International Intellectual Property Rights Conference 2021, Nigeria on Cross border and international intellectual property rights infringement, prosecution and enforcement.
  6. Invited by Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad to deliver Guest Lecture on ‘” E- Contracts – E- Commerce – E- Governance (16 December,2021)
  7. Invited by Amity Law School, Lucknow as one of the Panelist for the Orientation Program 2021 Conducted for Law Students.
  8. Invited to deliver session on Insight of Fashion law and Intellectual Property Law at JECRC University, Jaipur (June 5, 2021).
  9. Invited for delivering a session on Strategy in Building CV and Plan for Internship being in Law School, Parul Institute of Law, Parul University, (June 7, 2021)
  10. Invited by NIIMS Mumbai to deliver Guest Lecture on Strategies for effective Resume Building for Legal Internships, NMMIS Kirit. P Mehta Law School Mumbai (Dec 23, 2021)
  11. Invited at Jangir District Court, Raipur for delivering lecture Seminar on Cyber Law by District judge & Member of Bar (2019 July)
  12. Invited to deliver session at JECRC University, Jaipur on ” Glimpse of Fashion Industry & IPR, (2021)
  13. Invited to speak on cyber law in International Summer School organised by legal Shala ,(June 25,2021)
  14. Invited to judge the Preliminary Rounds of Third GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition,2022 in association with Cyber Law University, GD Goenka University (Sept 17,2022)
  15. Invited to deliver Lecturer on “Importance of Legal Research” organized by Law Society, Faculty of Law Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, (2022)
  16. Invited to judge the 2 nd G.D Genka Preliminary Rounds of International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court in association with Cyber law University (2021)
  17. Invited to Judge the Senior Advocate Ratan. K Singh National Negotiation Competition, (July 30,2021).Invited as a Guest Speaker to deliver session on Cyber Crimes & law on June 25
  18. Invited to deliver Expert talk on Cyber law and Issues pertaining to Cyber Bullying, Online Harassment and measures to combat by Legal Bites (2021)
Conference/Workshop/Symposium Paper Presentations
  1. Presented Paper , “Cross-Border IP Disputes in Asia: Challenges and Resolutions” at ASIANSIL Intersessional Conference organised by KIMEP University Almaty and Narxoz University , Kazakhstan, Almaty in ,May 24-25, 2024.
  2. Presented Paper , “Protection of Rights of Migrant Workers in Maldives :National and International Perspective  “ at Symposium on International Law and Maldives Navigating Geopolitics , trade , Sovereignty, in person  December 20-21  2023 hosted at Villa College , Maldives.
  3. Presented Paper , Cyberspace and International law “ at 9th Biennial Asian society of international law conference in Bandung, Indonesia in person  August 08 to 09 august  2023.
  4. Presented Paper, Challenges & Issues to International Humanitarian Law at International E- Conference on ‘Law and Society, Staffordshire University, U.K in collaboration with Reva University, Bangalore. (December 2022)
  5. Presented Paper, Impact of health and mental wellbeing of people affected by Forced Eviction at 2-Day National Conference on Human Rights of slum Dwellers and forced Eviction: A Legal Mandate , National Law School of India, Bangalore (December 2022)
  6. 11th Cambridge International Law Conference on Strengthening Global Governance through International Law Challenges and Opportunities (26-27 March 2022).
  7. Presented paper, inaugural Insolvency and Corporate Governance conference. in Abuja, Nigeria, (7th – 8th July 2022), at the Wells Carlton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria.
  8. Presented Paper in Annual Conference in Kent Law School UK (2021).
  9. Presented paper at Two days National Conference, IP Issues in the Post Covid World, DPIIT – IPR Chair at NALSAR University of Law & N C Banerjee Center for IPR Studies. (19th & 20th March, 2022)
  10. Presented Paper at Lancaster University Law Conference in the Transforming World Lancaster U. K. (April 30, 2021)
  11. International E- Conference on Law and Spirituality, Campus law Centre ICLS. (2022)
  12. Completed IP Awareness / Training Program under National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission, NIPAM organized by Intellectual Property Office; India held on Sept 21,2022
  13. Presented Paper, IPR Regime of Entertainment Industry W.R.T copyright Laws in India at the International Conference on Emerging Trends in I.P.R, IP Assisto on (May 23,2021).
  14. Completed Summer Research Capacity Development Program ( SRCDP)2021 held from August 7-13, organised by University of Buraimi, Oman (Muscut)
  15. International Virtual Conference, Civil society and Contemporary Legal Issues organised by Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University
  16. International Webinar on Human rights of Migrant Labourers in Covid-19: Indian Scenario, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law on July 6, 2020, in collaboration with Centre for Advanced studies in labour welfare
  17. Presented Paper at Workshop, “Dimensional Issues & Challenges of Intellectual Property Rights”, Kumuaun University, Nanital (30 June 2020)
  18. Presented Paper on Intellectual Property Rights, Organised by The ICFAI University Dehradun in collaboration with Cell for IPR Promotion and Management (CIPAM) under Department for promotion of industry and internal trade (DPIIT)Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. (8-10 June 2020)
  19. National Workshop, Research Support Tools, Bhopal School of Social Science, Internal Quality Assessment Cell under the Paramarsh Scheme of University Grant Commission, (June 24-25,2020)


  1. Fashion Law
  2. Intellectual Property Rights
  3. Cyber Law & Technology
  4. Entertainment laws & Media