Prof. Srinjoy Sarkar

Prof. Srinjoy Sarkar

Associate Professor

B.A. (Hons.) (University of Delhi);

LL.B. (Hons.) (Durham University);

LL.M. (American University)


Prof. Srinjoy is a lawyer specializing in international and human rights law.

He is a graduate from Hindu College, Delhi University, where he completed his B.A. in Political Science (Honours). He later completed his LL.B. from St. Cuthbert’s Society, Durham University. And after working for close to two years with Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, Srinjoy chose to study international law at Washington College of Law American University. At the Washington College of Law American University, Srinjoy completed his LLM with a specialization in the Law of International Organizations and Human Rights.

Srinjoy has previously worked as a researcher and writer with the War Crimes Research Office, where he helped build the Gender Jurisprudence Collection. Srinjoy spent a year working for non-profit law firm: Public International Law and Policy Group.

Srinjoy was accepted as a Legal Fellow at the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, where he was a part of the Strategic Litigation Team to support their work with Human Rights Award Laureate: Adilur Rahman Khan (Odhikar), Bangladesh.

At Jindal Global Law School, he enjoys teaching International Law, and Human Rights Law and Theory. He occasionally also teaches Legal Methods to first year law students.

In the past, Srinjoy has researched and written on issues related to reproductive rights jurisprudence in the European Court of Human Rights. His current research is directed towards municipal application of peremptory norms. Apart from this, Srinjoy is keen to collaborate and explore the domestic drivers of a country’s foreign policy and compliance with international law.

When free, Srinjoy enjoys reading science fiction/fantasy novels, running, and exploring maps.