Prof. Amit Bindal

Prof. Amit Bindal


B.A.; LL.B. (University of Delhi);

LL.M. (ILI, Delhi)

Prof. Amit Bindal obtained his Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the Indian Law Institute (Batch of 2009). He was adjudged as the “Best Researcher” and was awarded gold medal for criminal law specialization in LLM. He received his Bachelors’ degree in English Literature and then in Law from the University of Delhi.

Amit Bindal has taught the following courses at JGLS: Law of Crimes, Law of Evidence, Constitutional Law, Judicial Process and an elective course in Law and Literature. His areas of interest are Criminology, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law. He is also interested in the comparative issues in Literary Theory, Philosophy and Law. Previously, he also held the visiting faculty position at the Indian Law Institute where he taught Jurisprudence and Judicial Process to the students of LL.M..

Amit Bindal was one of the Editors-in-Chief of the Jindal Global Law Review (JGLR) (Volume 3, Issue 1, September 2011). This special issue was on the theme of ‘Indian Public Law: Investigations and Imaginations’. He has published on the topic of Retributive Theory of Punishment in the Journal of Indian Law Institute [Volume 51: Number 3]; a comment on Law of suicide in India in Bangalore Law Review [Volume 3: 2010]. He has contributed various short articles and comments in magazines such as ‘Combat Law’ (Human Rights Law Network), and ‘AWAZ Times’. His book chapter on Religion and Politics under Indian Constitutional law will be published shortly.

Amit Bindal has presented papers on criminal law and constitutional law in various universities. Some of the notable papers that he presented include one on death penalty at City University, Hong Kong in 2011; on constitutional morality at York University, Toronto, Canada in 2010 and at University of Delhi on hate-speech in 2009.

Amit Bindal was admitted to the Bar Council of India in 2008.