Prof. Abhishek Rana

Prof. Abhishek Rana

Associate Professor

B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) (Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi);

LL.M. (Queen Mary University of London)

Prof. Abhishek Rana is an Associate Professor at the Jindal Global Law School. He was awarded the Centre for Commercial Law Scholarship at the Queen Mary University of London, where he earned his master’s degree in International Economic Law. During his LL.M., he specialised in international trade law, international investment law, energy transactions, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Abhishek also focused on exploring the relationship between trade, climate change, and energy. His master’s thesis critiqued the EU and the US response to the controversial Chinese Non-Market Economy issue, which later got published in the Trade, Law and Development Journal.

Post the completion of his master’s degree, Abhishek predominantly worked as an international trade attorney. He has extensive experience working on matters relating to trade-remedial investigations, international economic law and policy, and competition law. He actively represented the client’s interests before various forums, including ministries, panels, courts, and quasi-judicial bodies at all levels, with the clients and companies belonging to different sectors such as petrochemicals, steel and other metals, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and consumer goods. He has even assisted the Government of India on trade remedial investigations initiated by foreign authorities like the United States Department of Commerce.

Besides the trade defence work, he has been a Senior Research Fellow with a pan-India research organisation that highlights the trade policy implementation issues faced by various domestic industries in India, whilst coordinating with different departments under the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Abhishek is also a Director of a trade consultancy firm in the UK and has been a visiting lecturer for international economic law and critical legal theory modules at numerous institutes. While his research interests are varied and spread across international economic law, international environmental law, and health & disability law; he aims to advance more critical legal scholarship through his work whilst focusing on Global South issues.

Abhishek is also part of a lovely neurodiversity support group wherein he engages with the experiences of neurodivergent individuals in a neurotypical world and other related health and disability law issues. He aspires to one day write about such experiences and amplify neurodivergent voices through his work and blogs.

  • JGU Research Excellence Award (2021)
  • Centre for Commercial Law Scholarship, Queen Mary University of London

Core Courses

  • Environmental Law
  • Comparative Public Law
  • Legal Methods
  • Legal Protection of Environment

Seminar Courses

  • Global South and International Law
  • Digital Law

Adjunct Faculty: Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi (2018 – Current)

  • Modules on International Trade Law