Dr. Chisom Ubabukoh

Dr. Chisom Ubabukoh

Associate Professor

B.Tech. (Federal University of Technology, Nigeria);

M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Manchester)

: cubabukoh@jgu.edu.in

Dr. Chisom Ubabukoh obtained his bachelors from the Federal University of Technology Nigeria, an MSc in Development Economics and Policy with distinction and a PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester, UK. Prior to teaching at JGU, he lectured for several years in the economics departments of the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, as well as at the Global Development Institute (GDI), UK. He also has broad industry experience including stints with Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the National Electoral Commission, and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). He has also consulted for several development organisations including the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) London and the African Development Bank (AfDB). In 2019 he started the company AgroDoc, which has launched a mobile app designed to help small farmers make automated diagnoses of crop diseases.

His research includes, but is not limited to, law and economics, poverty reduction, stages of national growth, the economics of agricultural development, agricultural productivity, international trade, structural change and the analyses of food security.