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Research Centres

JSPC Experimental Research Laboratory

JSPC will establish an experimental psychology laboratory on the JGU campus. Equipment, tools, and software for psychological assessment and analysis will be available for faculty research and student training. Working in conjunction with JIBS, the Laboratory will promote novel research and ensure JSPC students receive hands-on experience in research design and experimentation.  

E-Cog: Emotion & Cognition Psychology Research Centre

E-Cog is a Joint Research Centre established by JSPC and JSLH. The Centre explores emotion and cognition. The goal is to better understand how both processes independently operate and how they interact—as seen, for instance, in ‘emotionally intelligent’ people—to influence behavior, decision making, well-being, and other facets of the human psyche. The Centre promotes research-anchored education for students in both Schools and, more broadly, all students at JGU.