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Prof. Garima Jain

Prof. Garima Jain

Assistant Professor, Programme Director of Student Internships

B.A. (University of Delhi); M.Sc. (Bharathiar University);

Ph.D. candidate (Tilburg University)


Gender psychology, Narrative studies, Social Identity Theory, Cyberpsychology, Mental Health, Feminist Community Intervention Techniques, Feminist Psychology

Prof. Garima Jain is a psychologist specialising in narrative and social psychology. She is pursuing her PhD from International Victimology Institute Tilburg, Tilburg University, Netherlands. Framed by the theoretical rigour of narrative victimology and psychology, her research enquires into the narratives of the rape survivors in the aftermath of victimization. Ms. Jain has seven years of teaching and research experience. Prior to joining JGU, she served as Assistant Professor at Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences, University of Delhi.

Ms. Jain’s work is also practice-led, and she works in collaboration with social workers and feminist organizations on spreading awareness on women’s rights. This strand of her research is in exploring the dynamics of feminist interventionist approaches to victimization. She was one of the participants in the first cohort of feminist interventionist working in Special Cell led by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Garima is invited to conduct training programmes with the police officers, CBI officials at Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Delhi. She is a member of World Society of Victimology and has also been invited as an Individual expert at United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal justice in 2015 and 2017. Ms. Jain has published edited volumes on ‘Internet Infidelity: An Interdisciplinary Insight in a Global Context’ with Springer; ‘Let’s talk about Depression: A focus on Australia, India and USA’ with Bloomsbury India.

She is also associated with youth-led organizations like Daffodils and Sampurna where she works closely with psychologists and interventionists on gender-related issues. She worked as Programme Director of Family Counselling Centre and Crisis Intervention Centre, a scheme under the Ministry of Women and Child Development where she provided counselling to the trauma-based survivors. She has delivered training and workshops on Gender Psychology, Rape Culture, Parenting and Gender roles, Feminist Lawyering Techniques and the relevance of psychology and gender sensitization to schools, teachers, undergraduate & postgraduate students and professionals.

She has also presented her scholarly work at some of the reputed international conferences, such as PsyPAG, 2020; 13th United Nations Congress on Crime and Criminal Justice at Doha in 2015; 15th World Society of Victimology at Perth, Australia, 2015.

She has taught various courses, including General Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Development of Psychological Thought, Educational Psychology. She has taught a cross-registered elective on ‘Sexual Violence with a special reference of rape: Understanding psychological intervention techniques.’ She served as Assistant Professor at the University of Delhi where she taught the core courses to the psychology major students. She has also taught Introduction to Psychology to the law school and business school students in JGU.
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