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Dr. Kanika Malik

Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean of Research

B.A; M.A. (University of Delhi)
M.Phil. (IHBAS, Delhi)
Ph.D. (NIMHANS, Bangalore)

Research Interests

Transdiagnostic treatment approaches, Third wave cognitive behavior therapies, Brief therapies, Management of addictions, Intervention process research, Qualitative methods of enquiry.


Dr. Kanika Malik is a clinical psychologist and a mental health researcher.  She has completed her supervised clinical training at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (M.Phil Clinical Psychology, 2009-2011), Delhi, followed by doctoral clinical work and research training at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS, 2012-2016), Bangalore. She has been working in the field of mental health for the last 10 years. Dr. Malik has worked with tertiary care psychiatric hospitals (NIMHANS, IHBAS), private clinics (Saksham), and not-for-profits (Sangath) organizations.

Clinical Experience

Dr. Kanika has acquired skills in clinical interviewing, case-history taking, psychological assessments and cognitive behaviour interventions through her years of work in in the outpatient and inpatient departments of Behavior Therapy Unit, Child Guidance Clinic, Neuropsychological Unit, De-addiction and Rehabilitation Unit and Adult Psychiatry Units.

Research Experience

Dr. Malik’s doctoral work was the first scientific exploration of female alcoholism in low-middle-income countries and was thus cited by various international and national scientists. Post Ph.D., she took on a leadership role to implement and evaluate a large-scale stepped care mental health counselling program for school-going adolescents. The findings from the project have been in various high-impact journals and some of the leading print media.

In 2020, she received her first grant as a Principal investigator (PI) from the Wellcome Trust to conduct a rapid systematic review to identify active intervention ingredients. In the same year, she received another grant from Swasti-Health Catalyst (a not-for-profit institute) to train and supervise a team of non-specialist counsellors and psychologists in scaling up the stepped care counselling program for schools of Bangalore. Both projects have been successfully completed.

As a mental health practitioner-researcher, Dr. Malik has always been driven by a curiosity to understand the complex interplay of bio-psycho-social determinants of mental health and zest to provide innovative, accessible, and evidence-based interventions for underprivileged communities. She has spent most of her early career working towards these goals and plans to advance in this direction during her tenure at JGU.

Teaching and Mentoring Experience

She has held formal lectures for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Nursing, Psychiatry and Clinical psychology in NIMHANS. She has been a resource speaker in consultative workshops organized by UNICEF, WHO, MRC/UVRI Uganda, NIMHANS, AND Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Delhi, India.  She has more than eight years of experience in the training and supervision of clinical psychology trainees and non-specialist counsellors in case-history taking, psychological assessments, and brief therapies.

Publications and paper presentations

Peer-Reviewed Publication

  • Chorpita, B. F., Daleiden, E. L., Malik, K., Gellatly, R., Boustani, M. M., Michelson, D., Knudsen, K., Mathur, S., & Patel, V. H. (2020). Design process and protocol description for a multi-problem mental health intervention within a stepped care approach for adolescents in India. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 133, 103698. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.brat.2020.103698
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  • Malik, K., and Grover, N. (2014). An Exploration of Trainees’ Perception of Clinical Psychology Training in India: A Qualitative Analysis. Psychological Studies, 59(3), 260-267. doi:1007/s12646-014-0244-z

Non Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • Malik, K., Grover, N., and Kaloiya, G.S. (2015). Approach to Psychotherapy Case Formulation: A beginner Therapist’s Concerns- A Case Study. Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology, 42(1), 68-73.

Paper presentations

  • 2019: Presented research paper titled ‘Addressing Refractory Adolescent Mental Health Problems: Formative Evaluation of a Transdiagnostic Modular Treatment in Indian Secondary Schools’ under the symposium entitled ‘Transdiagnostic, Stepped Care School Counselling System: The PRIDE Program in India’, in the53rd Annual Convention ABCT, 2019 held at Atlanta, United States.
  • 2017: Presented research paper titled ‘Temperament & Personality in Addiction: Empirical review’ under the symposium entitled ‘Temperament, Personality & Addiction: Risks and Intervention’, in the World Congress of Mental Health, 2017, held at Delhi, India
  • 2017: Presented research paper titled ‘Third Wave therapies in substance use disorders’ under the symposium entitled ‘CBT in substance abuse’, in the 41st International Conference on Cognitive Behavioural Interventions (ICCBI-2017), held at AIIMS, Delhi
  • 2016: Presented poster titled ‘Personal & Social Networks Among Women With Alcohol Use Disorders’ at XXII World Congress of the World Association of Social Psychiatry, held at New Delhi, India
  • 2016: Presented poster titled ‘Co-morbidity and Addiction Severity among Women with Alcohol Use Disorders’ at International Conference on Current Trends in Clinical Psychology, held at NIMHANS, Bangalore. Received Best poster award for the same.
  • 2015: Presented research paper titled ‘Lifetime Trauma Experiences among Women with Alcohol Use Disorders’, in the 16th CCPI Conference, held in Bangalore, Karnataka
  • 2015: Presented research paper titled ‘Training and supervision variables among Clinical Psychology professionals in India’ under the symposium entitled ‘Research Findings on Therapist’s Variables among Clinical Psychology Professionals in India’, in the 41st National Annual Conference of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist (NACIACP), held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat
  • 2014: Presented research paper titled ‘Women Substance Users in India: Findings and Implications of a Hospital based Audit’, in the 8th International Conference of SAARC Psychiatric Federation, held in Lumbini, Nepal
  • 2013: Presented research paper titled “Interpersonal Rejection & Substance Use among Women: 4 case reports”, in the International congress on Interpersonal Acceptance & Rejection, held in Chandigarh, India.
  • 2012: Presented research paper titled ‘Cumulative Trauma And Self And Other Construction In Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors: A Qualitative Study’, in the XXII Annual Convention of National Academy of Psychology, held in Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • 2010: Presented research paper titled ‘Unthinkable World’, in the 37th National Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists, held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.