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Dr. Sarah Ghani

Dr. Sarah Ghani

Assistant Professor

B.A. (National College, Bengaluru);

M.Sc. (Christ University, Bengaluru);

Ph.D. (NIMHANS, Bengaluru)

History of Psychiatry, History of Mental Health, Public Mental Health, Community Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Animal Assisted Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Dream Analysis, Emotion Regulation

Dr. Sarah Ghani is currently an Assistant Professor of Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling at O. P. Jindal Global University. She has cumulative 12 years of experience in teaching, research, counselling and training. She has trained mental health professionals as well as mental health workers in rural settings. She has initiated and organised numerous national and international college fests among other administrative work like being part of the admission panel. She has also supervised Ph.D. scholars.

She holds a Ph.D. in History of Psychiatry from National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru. Her doctoral research which was funded by the ‘Wellcome Trust, United Kingdom’ focused on tracing the History of Psychiatry in India pertaining to the Pre-Independence Era and understanding the underpinnings of a native run hospital.

She has previously worked in St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru in the ICMR Task force ‘PANIQ Project’ which focused on developing and assessing the Panic and Anxiety National Indian Questionnaire. She has also worked at Sangath, Goa, a non-profit organisation in the ‘DELIVER Project’ which focused on exploring the acceptability, feasibility, and effectiveness of non-specialist health workers in primary health care and community mental health care in India.

She has experience in diverse research methodology including ethnographic case studies, action research, developing tools etc. She has presented her scholarly work as well as her other research work at various conferences and symposiums.  

Her work has been published as book chapters, and peer reviewed articles in renowned journals.

Journal Publications, Books, Book Chapters, Other Publications

  • Ghani, S., Murthy, P., Jain, S., & Sarin, A. (2018). Syphilis and psychiatry at the Mysore Government Mental Hospital (NIMHANS) in the early 20thIndian Journal of Psychiatry60(6), 270.
  • Sarin A, Ghani S, Jain S, Bad Times and Sad Moods. Partition: The Long Shadow, Ed. Urvashi Butalia, New Delhi: Zubaan (2015) (Available here:
  • Van Ginneken, N., Maheedhariah, M. S., Ghani, S., Ramakrishna, J., Raja, A., & Patel, V. (2017). Human resources and models of mental healthcare integration into primary and community care in India: Case studies of 72 programmes. PLOS ONE12(6), e0178954.
  • H, S., Ghani, S., Sreedaran, P., Sahu, MK., Mysore, A., Sharan, P. (2022). Cultural Expression of Anxiety Symptoms in Kannada Language: A Qualitative Study. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine. doi:10.1177/02537176221140742
  • Narvekar, H., Ghani, S. (2022). Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Promotion of Social Competence: A Conceptual Framework. Hu Arenas
  • Narvekar NH & Ghani S.Ethical Issues in Animal Assisted Therapy. Global Bioethics Enquiry (2022) (Accepted)