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Dr. Amanpreet Kaur

Dr. Amanpreet Kaur

Associate Professor & Associate Dean of Research

B.A. (Honours) Psychology (University of Delhi)

M.A. Psychology (University of Delhi)

M.Phil. Clinical Psychology (IHBAS, Delhi)

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology (NIMHANS, Bengaluru)


Mindfulness & Self-Compassion; Grief & Secondary Trauma; Palliative Care; Mental Health related Stigma and Discrimination; Workplace Stress & Compassion Fatigue; Psychotherapy Supervision; Social Media; Capacity Building

Dr. Amanpreet Kaur is an Associate Professor & Associate Dean of Research, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Mental Health Researcher. She was born in Delhi and pursued her graduation (2007-10), post-graduation (2010-12) from University of Delhi. With an inclination towards clinical psychology, she underwent an intensive supervised clinical training (M.Phil. Clinical Psychology) from the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Delhi from 2012-14. Soon after, she pursued Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru and focused upon research, teaching, clinical work, supervision and managing Behavioural Medicine Unit services (2014-18). She worked in collaboration with four different palliative cancer care centres across Bengaluru to develop Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavioural Interventions for palliative care professionals.

Soon after submission of her thesis, Dr Kaur joined The George Institute for Global Health India (TGI) and managed various mental health related projects. Dr Kaur’s work for about four years post her doctorate focused on stigma related to mental health, better mental health care, awareness, development, and implementation of psychosocial interventions. The findings from the projects have been in various high-impact journals and print media. She was selected as an emerging thought leader in the year 2021. She has been an active member with International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care, Life Professional Member of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists and registered with Rehabilitation Council of India. She has qualified and awarded for UGC-NET/JRF (National Eligibility Test/ Junior Research Fellowship) twice, UGC-SRF and ICMR-JRF (Indian Council of Medical Research-Junior Research Fellowship).

Dr Kaur is currently serving as an ‘Associate Editor’ for peer-reviewed open access journal Acta Psychologica. She is a trained Hindustani Classical Music Vocalist and holds a degree in the same. She wants to continue working and developing the field of mental health in India by contributing in research, regular clinical practice and teaching.

Dr Kaur’s work has been the first and an innovative attempt with implications for field of mindfulness and palliative care in India. She has been awarded twice (2017 and 2021) for best paper based on her PhD work at the International Annual conference of Indian Association of Palliative Care. She was awarded travel grant to present her work in an international conference held at Singapore (2017) by International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care and she presented her work at European Association of Palliative Care conference held at Berlin (2019) too.

Dr Kaur has written journal papers, blogs, newspaper articles, book chapters, articles, and regularly gets invited as a resource person for talks, workshops, seminars, symposiums, webinars and podcasts to generate awareness around mental health, wellbeing, and mindfulness. Not only she published journal papers; she presented at various national and international forums, worked across teams, sites and built collaborations for research projects as a research fellow, she is currently co-investigator for the ongoing study funded by ICMR. She has been successful in conducting the workshops based on her research work at AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Jodhpur, and JIPMER Pondicherry in addition to other public engagement workshops. She regularly gets invitation as guest faculty within and outside India to conduct workshops on Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. Dr Kaur is serving the role of Associate Dean for Research and Exchange Committee of JSPC.

Dr. Amanpreet Kaur has 12 years of clinical experience. She has always been drawn towards healing, providing better mental health care and building healthier societies. She has had extensive training, clinical and supervisory experience in the field of clinical psychology. She has demonstrated her clinical competence and skills by providing psychotherapy in broad spectrum of mental health issues and she can conduct, analyze and interpret psychological assessments with great ease. She has also worked with marginalized populations and believes in providing a non-judgemental environment for everyone and anyone in her sessions. Dr Kaur is trained in various forms of mindfulness meditation and has an experience in conducting and organizing workshops on mindfulness meditation and other stress related disorders with both clinical and non-clinical populations. Her expertise involves individual (adults, adolescents, and elderly) and group psychotherapy. She also conducts grief support groups as part of her clinical practice.

Dr Kaur has taken formal lectures for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Nursing, Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatric Social Work in NIMHANS. She has taught and mentored PhD, post-graduate and undergraduate students, project interns, apart from training junior colleagues, community and primary health care workers. At JSPC, she has taught Statistics, and has been teaching Research Methods and Clinical Psychology. Her approach is interactive, collaborative classroom teaching using innovative teaching methods.

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Book Chapters

  • Anand, N., Sharma, M. P., Kaur, A., & Anand, P. (2020). Mindfulness Meditation: Principles and Applications for Holistic Healing. In Holistic Treatment in Mental Health : A Handbook of Practitioner’s Perspectives. McFarland. pISBN: 978-1-4766-6993-9.

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