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Nehginpao Kipgen Center for Southeast Asian Studies (NKCSEAS)

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Nehginpao Kipgen Center for Southeast Asian Studies (NKCSEAS)

This Center for Southeast Asian Studies is named after an eminent scholar of Southeast Asian Studies, Professor Nehginpao Kipgen. Prof Kipgen was the founder of this Center in 2016, with the vision of making Southeast Asia a cornerstone of teaching and research at the Jindal School of International Affairs and beyond. The Center is carrying on Prof Kipgen’s legacy after his untimely demise in 2021 under a young and committed team led by Professor Mustafa Izzuddin, who was a good academic friend of the founder.

Southeast Asia, a sub-region of Asia, consists of countries that are geographically south of China, east of India, west of New Guinea and north of Australia. These countries are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.   

These countries share historical, political, economic, cultural and social ties, and all but East Timor are members of the regional bloc called the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This regional bloc has undertaken several initiatives to integrate its members, including developing a single market that would ensure the free flow of goods, services, investment and skilled labor, and the free flow of capital.    

The region is far from being homogeneous and encompasses different political institutions, diverse economic structures, and a variety of languages and cultures, including ethnicities and religions. Due to its geopolitics, geostrategic location and a fast-growing economy, the region has generated considerable interest from its neighboring countries in Asia and beyond Asia, including countries in the Western world.


The center envisions itself to be a dedicated central hub of Southeast Asian studies in India and the wider South Asian region, and a thought leader and opinion shaper in South Asia-Southeast Asia relations. 

The center intends to bridge and interconnect Southeast Asia with the rest of the world through teaching, research, publication, partnerships, collaborations, cultural diplomacy, and people-to-people exchanges.

 Aims and Objectives

The Center seeks to:

  • Comprehend the overarching history and politics of Southeast Asia and its significance to the world
  • Underscore the importance of comparative politics in, and international relations of, Southeast Asia
  • Analyze ASEAN’s history, accomplishments and challenges in regional and international affairs
  • Study the economics of countries in Southeast Asia and the attendant regional economic integration
  • Survey and explore the rich cultural diversity and heterogeneous societies of Southeast Asia
  • Delve into the various aspects of traditional and non-traditional security in Southeast Asia
  • Examine the legal factors concerning multilateral agreements vis-à-vis ASEAN and Southeast Asia
  • Assess the role of great powers and the management of its contestation in Southeast Asia
  • Appraise India’s engagement of Southeast Asia and its dialogue partnership of ASEAN
  • Enrich the understanding of the Indo-Pacific narrative in Southeast Asian affairs

The center engages in research, carries out teaching, puts out publications, conducts media interviews, organizes talks, and convenes panel discussions. The center also seeks to establish partnerships with other Southeast Asian centers, including in universities in Southeast Asia and around the world, and collaborate with them in research projects, organizing seminars, conferences and webinars, and people-to-people exchanges. The center also offers courses on Southeast Asia to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Prof. (Dr.) Nehginpao Kipgen (25.5.1978­–2.5.2021) was a Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) at the Jindal School of International Affairs, O.P.Jindal Global University. He was a renowned Political Scientist and thinker whose concentrations were in Comparative Politics and International Relations. His general teaching and research interests included Democratization, Global/World Politics, Ethnic Conflict and Identity Politics, Human Rights, Refugees, Maritime Disputes, International Organizations, and Government and Politics of Southeast Asia.

His scholarly work was focussed on Asia, with a specialization in Southeast Asia and Burma/Myanmar. He had presented papers and served as a chair and discussant in several international academic conferences, including International Political Science Association (IPSA) and International Studies Association (ISA). He was also a Board Member (RC18 – Asian and Pacific Studies) of IPSA.

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The following student prizes will be awarded on an annual basis:

The Nehginpao Kipgen Memorial PhD Dissertation Prize

This prize is awarded to the author of an outstanding doctoral dissertation in Southeast Asian studies, particularly in the area of comparative politics and international relations. Named in memory of a doyen of Southeast Asian Studies, this prize comes with a cash award and an official certificate.

The Mustafa Izzuddin Outstanding International Affairs Graduate Prize

This prize is awarded to an exceptional graduate of the Jindal School of International Affairs who had excelled in a course on Southeast Asia, and has embraced global citizenship regardless of nationality. Donated by the center’s executive director, this prize comes with a cash award and an official certificate.

The Nehginpao Kipgen Center for Southeast Asian Studies Prize

This prize is awarded to the top student of the course on ‘Government, Politics and Foreign Policy of Southeast Asia’ at Jindal School of International Affairs. This prize comes with a certificate of achievement. 

Friends of NKCSEAS

We would like to thank the following organizations or institutions which have supported or partnered us over the years. Without them, which we consider as our friends, NKCSEAS would not have made progress as an aspiring hub of Southeast Asian Studies in bringing South Asia and Southeast Asia closer together.

Organizational Structure

NKCSEAS is headed by an Executive Director, who leads a team of senior and junior researchers and editors. While the editors focus on publications, the researchers oversee clusters, namely Politics & Security, Indo-Pacific Studies, ASEAN Regionalism, Non-Traditional Security, Economics, and Culture & Society.  


The center engages in a range of activities, such as research, publication, organizing talks and panel discussions. The center aims to establish relationship with other Southeast Asian centers around the world and collaborate with them in research projects, organizing seminars and conferences. The center also offers courses on ‘Government and Politics of Southeast Asia’, ‘Foreign Policies of Southeast Asian Countries’, and ‘International Relations of Southeast Asia’ to undergraduate and graduate students.

Prof. Harsh Mahaseth
Assistant Director

Ms. Shivangi Dikshit
Senior Research Analyst

Prof. Aayushi Singh
Research Analyst

Prof. Subhrajit Chanda
Research Analyst

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