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Alumni Speak

Joao Xerinda
First Secretary (Political and Economic) High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique, New Delhi Weekend Mode Student, Batch of 2011

JSIA is committed towards excellence in teaching and research. M.A. (DLB) is a unique programme with major components of diplomacy, law and business which prepare students to be specialists in international affairs. It proved highly beneficial to me being a diplomat, as it refined my professional skills and is a boon for my future career.

Raghav Ranganathan

Associate Consultant, Meta-Culture Batch of 2011-13
For someone with an engineering background who yearned to move towards the social sciences, JSIA proved to be the right choice. The two years I spent there is clearly proving to be the solid foundation on which my career is building on. Of my time at JSIA, two things stand out. My internship at Nonviolent Peace force, in the Philippines. I am ever grateful to JSIA for that opportunity. Secondly, I was in the first batch of students trained in the Taiwan Education Centre. It was 160 hours of active immersion in Chinese culture, intensive training in Mandarin by a native Chinese speaker and absolute fun. A few other of the many other things that really helped me. The ever-frequent interactions that we had with officers of the India Foreign Service, foreign diplomats, academics/ scholars from universities in India abroad and the conferences/workshops on a variety of themes; And of course the very helpful, incredibly-learned set of faculty members whose time that I am very grateful for.After graduating from JSIA, I secured a job at a conflict-resolution organization Meta Culture, based in Bangalore straight-away. I also had a brief stint as a peace-builder in Cambodia. My training at JSIA was crucial for both these assignments. Honestly, I only wish I had made better use of all the resources that was made available to me at JSIA. 

Okoth Nasser
2nd Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters, Nairobi Weekend Mode Student, Batch of 2011

I got admission to join Jindal University in 2011 to pursue the Master’s degree in Diplomacy, Law and International Business. My personal experience was quite interesting. I found the whole Faculty quite friendly and customer focused. They mentored us, guided us kept in touch with us from the start to the end of the course. Indeed some are still in contact with us to date. We developed comradeship with our fellow classmates and the rest of the student fraternity. My memories of Jindal are great and exciting. I cannot forget the preparation I got since when I landed back at the headquarters, I was promoted to the next grade within 3 months. My ties with Jindal University shall be strong and everlasting. Thank you.

Vijeth Kanahalli

Consultant, Multilateral Economic Relations Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
M.A. Diplomacy, Law & Business (2018-2020)

I’m glad I could honour the trust, faith and love you all showered on me by securing a Gold Medal in MA DLB and proving worthy of the scholarship that you provided me with. I am humbled to inform you that I’ve been selected as a consultant for the Multilateral Economic Relations Division in the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.

I am grateful to Ms. Hemlata Sharma and Ms. Vaishali from OCS for their support. I was working as a research, quality and policy analyst at Janes Defence UK and I consider this new opportunity to serve my motherland Bharath as a sui generis opportunity.

My ambition to work at the MEA is solely made possible because of the direction in which JSIA led me in. From day 1, I was awestruck at JSIA because I can say that this place is truly inching towards becoming the Bhoo-Swarga of education. 

My deepest gratitude to Savitri Jindalji who offered a generous scholarship for my education. This, coupled with the inspiration I drew from our VC Dr. Raj Kumar who stood by me at all my challenges, truly is a testament that our VC is a god sent for aspiring students like me.  I came into JSIA because of our Dean. Watching him speak his mind and heart backed with facts gave me courage to hold positions that gave me an edge over my competitors. You continue to give me the grit to stand up for what I believe in.

My career took all the right turns due to the guidance that I’ve received by the venerated Ambassador Dr. Mohan Kumar. I shadowed him like Ekalvya did Dronacharya in the beginning as I was awestruck by his personality, humility and knowledge; and he accepted me into his learning fold like Arjuna was by Dronacharya.

My interactions with former Syrian foreign minister Ambassador Dr. Abdul Fattah Ammourah is incomparable to any of my previous learning experiences, because he shaped me into a gentleman through his wide experience and knowledge from his vast years of service to his nation of Syria. He just gives and gives and gives with all his heart and I cannot thank him enough. Learning from a person such as him who has interacted as an official with Henry Kissinger to Nixon to Vajpayee to Manmohan Singh was a blessing for me.

I also would like to thank Dr. Wenjuan because her course titled ‘Doing business in China: Regulation framework and context’ opened my mind on how important it was for me to learn from them. She got me meetings with more than 5 Chinese companies doing business here and she treated my time here with invaluable opportunities to learn through her.

Lalit sir imparted discipline, writing skills, mannerisms and politeness into my daily life. He is a perfectionist in his approach to anything and he helped me so much in all my academic and administrative requests. He always found a way to get things done despite any ambiguity.

Swarnima ma’am believed in my ability to bring something good to the university and was benevolent when I placed a request for scholarship. With a big smile on her face, she always facilitated any of my requests genuinely.

Kensiya Kennedy

Global incident analyst at Microsoft, Hyderabad MADLB 18-20

Jindal has played a pivotal role in my growth as a student and as a person. From having the best academic resources at my disposal to having a really safe environment to grow in, Jindal provided me all. Coming to Jindal for a master’s in diplomacy, law, and business I think has been one of the wiser decisions I have taken in my life. Jindal made my switch from Engineering to International relations smooth as I had all the support I could ask for in the form of the very accomplished teachers and cooperative administration at Jindal. Apart from academics during my time at Jindal I also had the opportunity to take part in an array of extra and co-curricular activities. I had the chance to continue my passion in dance and basketball and explore new avenues by being a research assistant at the Centre for New Economics Studies. Further in the troubling times of covid-19 it has been really comforting to see the OCS and the Jindal administration pay special attention to the students’ futures. This attention is demonstrated by the proactive approach taken by the OCS in finding us all the available opportunities out there and by the announcement of the GRIP and the TRIP scholarships by the administration. I personally benefitted from the said efforts which helped me get placed as a global incident analyst at Microsoft, Hyderabad through Pinkerton corporate risk management. I am indebted to Jindal for all the things I have learnt, these things have helped me be an active learner and participant in life. 

Sabyasachi Biswal

Research Analyst, Janes Defense India, MADLB 18-20
Visually, through a brochure, JGU does appear to be a colourful utopia. Its humongous campus space, book-studded library, massive reading rooms, beaming tech-assisted classrooms, state of the art miscellaneous facilities, and the promise of an exceptional pedagogical technique does tend to overwhelm you, especially if you belong from a small town, like I do. Did it overwhelm me? Of course it did, and also filled me with due anticipation for moving into an academic world, which honestly in itself was half of the size of my own town, and boasted of knowledge-sharing at par with any benchmark Western university around the world. [Read More…

Shashwat Tiwari
Intelligence Specialist at PINKERTON | Corporate Risk Management Services, Gurgaon Batch of 2012

JSIA has provided an enriching environment to me in developing my skill sets and further developing upon my interests in the field of International Affairs and Geopolitics. With the support of the faculty and their subject insights in developing a thorough understanding of concepts and contemporary issues in international relations.

Nirmolika Sangha


Intelligence Analyst at Wipro Limited MADLB 18-20
My time at Jindal School of International Affairs was very engaging and enriching. The faculty at JSIA is excellent, engaging students in debate and discussions, and urging us to go beyond simple, bookish learning. The coursework is designed to push us to think beyond the obvious, and the learning atmosphere at JSIA encourages students to ask questions and put forth their opinions. The faculty is easily accessible to students, and always willing to assist them with any difficulties. Dedicated courses on Research Methodology, along with other writing assignments helped me to develop my research, analysis, and academic writing skills. Faculty members have always taken time out to provide individual feedback to students on our assignments and tests, thus helping us to recognise our gaps in learning and improve our skills. [Read More…]

Abhishek Das
Policy Analyst at Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Indian School of Business (ISB) MA DLB Batch of 2011

A strong grounding in theory in the core courses, supplemented by a wide choice of electives made JSIA the ideal choice for me. But what surpassed my expectations was the worldview gained, thanks to the regular interactions with Heads of States, diplomats and academics from across the globe. The internship experience and the remarkable library at JGU, completed the circle to make it an engaging and memorable two years. Playing the role of mentors this entire time, were JSIA’s faculty members who have been generously supportive even till this date, three years since I have graduated.

Fatima Mahdi Karan
Consulting Editor, Bloomberg TV Weekend Mode Student, Batch of 2011

The M.A. (DLB) is a unique programme because of its carefully selected prospectus and the qualifications and enthusiasm of its faculty. As a news anchor and reporter with a top news channel, I appreciate the tools of analysis the programme provides; especially, when India grows further to be a key member of the global community. The programme provides a rare opportunity to leverage international experience while balancing a successful career in India.

Rohan Khattar Singh

Indian Air Force’s Think-Tank, MADLB 18-20
JSIA has provided me with opportunities that have placed me on a global platform. My memories at JSIA have been exciting, where I made a diverse group of friends from India and beyond. From internships in Kabul, Afghanistan to field research in Bhutan, everything has been possible due to support from the faculty and the Office of Career Services (OCS). The faculty and the OCS have always been easily approachable and have continuously mentored the students. The OCS and faculty assisted me in my placements, and I was able to get selected by a corporate firm as well as the Indian Air Force’s Think-Tank, where I chose to join the latter. My ties with my university will remain strong and enduring. Thank You   

Khushboo Saif

Deputy Program Manager at The Hans Foundation Batch of 2011-13

The education that I have received has left a lasting impression which I will carry throughout my career. JSIA takes the semester interactive classroom to another level. Powerpoint presentations, blackboard forums, as well as learning how to work within a group and communicate effectively are daily modules essential to all classes.

Loveesh Sharma
Mott MacDonald, EU project on skills development in India Batch of 2012

JSIA has truly been a global education hub where I could access courses from international law to business studies. With the help of access to various courses and internet journals and several other research centers it has indeed been an enriching academic journey. Quite understandably with such varied structure one could choose to blend their career in field of international affairs with a mix of public policy or with several other subjects. JSIA is the right choice since it makes one job-ready for diverse opportunities from all corners giving access to work for intergovernmental and national government bodies. Academically enriching is how I can describe my two years at JSIA.

Kudrat Kahlon
Senior Account Executive Publicis Consultants MSL GROUP M.A. DLB 2012″

JSIA’s biggest return to me was giving me the tools to be an agile thinker. I have had multiple projects and positions which have been in the ambit of public service and sometimes clearly beyond the ambit of traditional social sciences. Currently I work as a public relations executive at Publicis Consultants Asia part of Publicis Groupe managing the PR for tech giants including First Advantage, EMC, Plus One and Netflix, regionally across India, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong,Malaysia and Philipines.

Sagar N


It is always difficult to describe any educational institution for their support, guidance and help that they provide for students. It is a similar case for JSIA, JGU as well. Despite coming from Science background and having graduated in Aeronautical Engineering, the atmosphere of JSIA never really allowed me to feel like an alien to the Social Sciences. The ever friendly faculty with impeccable academic excellence makes the JSIA, a unique, modern and liberal institution. I want to thank all my professors, fellow students and whole JGU community in helping me get through two difficult but enjoyable years. I also would like to personally thank the International office of JSIA for giving me an opportunity to to study abroad on a semester exchange program at the University of Basel, Switzerland and the said exchange program played a vital role in securing Doctoral position at the University of Basel. I’ll forever be thankful to each and everyone who helped me all along.

Morati Kelly

Molelekeng Botswana High Commission Batch of 2013
JSIA has provided me with an invaluable experience that has enabled me to do my job even better. The MA course offers one different perspectives on international relations as one interacts with many different people from all across the world. Most importantly, the lecturers were knowledgeable in their areas of study and very supportive. One thing I will for ever cherish from JSIA is the human relations that I established both for my personal and professional work.