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Anika Singh Jodha
B.A. (Hons.) Environment and Sustainable Development 2nd Year
“During my summer internship at WWF, I conducted a thorough analysis of print media reports in Hindi and English. My focus was on how these reports portrayed linear infrastructure developments in and around the protected areas of India's Terai region. I also delved into researching and documenting the safeguard measures highlighted in these reports. This experience was instrumental in building my capacity to contribute to comprehensive environmental coverage in print media. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity and excited about the prospect of working with similar organizations in the future.”
Anushka Bose
B.A. (Hons.) Environment and Sustainable Development 2nd Year
“I came across an excellent opportunity to intern with the Delhi Greens organization which is overseen by my professor, Dr. Govind Singh. The aim of the internship was to understand the development and challenges of tourism in and around Jim Corbett. Since this was a field-based internship, I was able to polish my communication skills and understand the inner workings of conducting research. This experience opened me up to lots of different perspectives to which I remain extremely grateful!”
Aman Mehta
B.A. (Hons.) Environment and Sustainable Development 2nd Year
"During my summer break, I got the chance to intern with the Environmentalist Foundation of India (E.F.I). They work towards restoration of lakes across India. While interning with them, I gathered data regarding my local biodiversity. It was a very insightful experience and interning with them taught me a lot about my home state. I look forward to opportunities like this in future"
Dhyan Devu Pai
B.Sc. (Hons.) Environment and Sustainable Development 2nd Year
"For my first internship, I had the wonderful opportunity of working with the Tata Institute for Genetics and Society. I had first hand insight into their research regarding genetically modified crops, disease vectors, genetic disorders and a new vaccine delivery platform. I was tasked with authoring a report linking their research to the SDGs and how it could be used to achieve them in India. This was an amazing experience and one that I shall definitely remember forever. This opportunity taught me many things and allowed me to witness research that could shape the future."
Shamita Nambiar
B.A. (Hons.) Environment and Sustainable Development 2nd Year
“For my summer internship, I had the opportunity to intern with Building Environment (India) Pvt. Ltd in the Environmental Clearance Department. I gained hands on experience on-hands experience in navigating complex regulation, analysing the base of Environmental Impact Assessment reports, and contributing to sustainable solutions. It was a fantastic learning opportunity that has shaped my career aspirations. Grateful for this experience!”
Anaya Master
B.A. (Hons.) Environment and Sustainable Development 2nd Year
"I recently had the privilege of interning at Ernst and Young in the Financial Risk department. During my time there, I had the opportunity to develop an Excel-based module that calculates financial risks in the event of a disaster. This experience allowed me to gain valuable insights into real-world finances and the implications of disasters on financial stability. I am immensely grateful for the chance to work in person at a renowned multinational corporation, and I eagerly look forward to more opportunities like this in the future."