About Us

Jindal School of Banking & Finance is the leading banking school in India education in financial management.

Jindal School of Banking & Finance is a research led, future oriented and interdisciplinary global school focused on developing a new generation of leaders for the financial services industry. With the increased sophistication of corporations and demand for competitive, complex, fast and reliable financial services and solutions on a national and global scale, there is a need for highly trained recruits in the areas of technology, innovation, analytics, finance, accounting and banking. We offer a 3-year B.Com.(Hons.) undergraduate degree to help you become a future business leader.

Graduates of our B.Com. (Hons.) degree programme specialize in banking & finance and have almost limitless employment opportunities since finance is a highly important vertical in all corporations. The field is rapidly changing in terms of product and service innovation, technological, economic and social impact, and the need for domestic supervision and international regulation: To understand finance is to have influence. According to UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutteres “Finance will be the deciding factor in winning the war on climate change”. Finance, therefore, is key to the progress of mankind.


JSBF fosters curriculum, research, and collaborations of the highest standards, and with a global perspective, through a faculty drawn from and educated throughout the world.

B.A. (Hons.) Finance & Entrepreneurship is an innovative programme that combines entrepreneurial skills and creative abilities with focused training in finance and practical knowledge of technology.

 MBA (DFB) is a future oriented postgraduate programme for people looking to make their mark in a technology-led world of finance and banking.