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Inside JGU 2020 - Issue 5 (May)

Quantum Social Science Centre established at JGU

JGU has established a new research centre on Quantum Social Sciences. The vision for the Centre emerged from in-depth discussions on a possible promising interface between natural and social sciences. The Centre is currently directed by Dr. Sudip Patra, Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) and Professor (Dr.) Shiv Visvanathan, Professor and Vice Dean, Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) and supported by JGU faculty including Professor Amit Bindal, Associate Professor, JGLS.


The Centre is a first of its kind centre among Indian universities, and will focus on an amalgamation of frontier research between human cognition and quantum theory, basically building upon the mathematical and philosophical linkages between natural and social sciences. Across countries, over a decade, the novel discipline of ‘quantum like modelling’ in social sciences has emerged and JGU will pursue it further with pioneering international scholars. Dr. Sudip Patra is involved in collaborating with pioneering scientists in this regard.


The Centre has already set up global and local collaborations, and has eminent Indian scientists like Professor Dr. Partha Ghose as its main advisor.


Apart from collaborative activities across countries, the Centre has also started a working paper series, where eminent scholars, social and natural scientists and philosophers are invited to contribute. A few joint working papers have already been produced, with the aim to produce quality outputs in SCOPUS indexed or higher quality journals.