Programme Duration

Programme Duration:

The Jindal German Summer School is a three week fully residential programme at the O.P. Jindal Global University located in Sonipat, NCR of Delhi.  17th June – 5th July 2019



The Jindal German Summer School is steered towards the acquisition of basic German language skills whereby participants shall be able to understand and use basic expressions to satisfy concrete needs. In addition, the Summer School aims at offering an opportunity to the participants to be able to engage meaningfully with various aspects of the German history, culture and civilization.



Learn German: “Open a window into a new world”


The learning shall be proficiency-based and aims to develop the four skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. In addition, participants shall be able to practice grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in a systematically structured way. Emphasis will be placed on language for use in real-life situations, communicative language games and working in groups and pairs. There shall be dedicated primarily to German film screenings and discussions, discussions on current social topics in Germany, German poetry, German art, German music as well as to a German cities-project.


Certificate of Participation:

A certificate of participation will be provided by the JGU at the end of the Summer School.



Participants shall attain the proficiency level of A1 according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) after the summer school and may take the Start Deutsch A1 exam of the Goethe-Institut.