Princy George

Executive Director​
Centre for Global Higher Education Futures

Princy George is Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives and Institutional Research at JGU and Fellow, International Institute for Higher Education Research & Capacity Building (IIHEd).

Prior to joining JGU, she led the Middle East and South Asia armed forces desk at IHS Jane’s, a global provider of country risk, defence and security insights. This included research, analysis, production, and publication of IHS Jane’s military capabilities and political risk assessments for 23 countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, and evolving security developments across key conflict zones including Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Israel, and Egypt. She previously worked with the leading national think tank, the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi, as a researcher on Middle Eastern and West African Affairs, focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Northern Africa, and the Western Sahel. She coordinated two high-level collaborative projects between IDSA and the Indian government (Ministry of Defence and Ministry of External Affairs), studying strategic security issues relating to India and its neighbourhood. The projects led to policy recommendations for the formulation of a National Security Strategy for India, and scenarios for Indian defence technology preparedness to the year 2050.

Prior to working in India, she worked at multiple organisations in the United States. Her research interests include higher education policy, Indian higher education, education in conflict, educational organisation and leadership, art and educational spaces, and strategic issues and conflict in the Middle East. Publications include: V. Krishnappa and Princy Marin George (ed.), Grand Strategy for India 2020 and Beyond (2012), book reviews, official research reports, and online analyses and commentaries.

She received her MA degree in International Affairs with a specialisation in Middle East Affairs from the Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University, Washington DC. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology from Cochin University, India.

Princy George
Executive Director, Centre for Global Higher Education Futures