Office of Doctoral Studies

Last Date of Application for Spring 2020 : JGBS – 30 Nov’19; JGLS – 30 Nov’19 ; JSGP – 30 Nov’19; JIBS – 30 Nov’19; IIHED – 30 Nov’19; Social Sciences – 30 Nov’19

Message from Director of Office of Doctoral Studies

O.P. Jindal Global University founded in 2009, had embarked its first Ph.D programme in the year 2014. The PhD students are given ample atmosphere to do the research on their chosen area of research and look forward to be placed in leadership positions in academia, in government, and in research institutions. The time you spend in our program will challenge you intellectually to deepen your thinking as an emerging Ph.D scholar so you too can take your place among the leaders in our chosen profession.

The JGU faculty who will be integrally involved in the Ph.D programme as supervisors, co- supervisors, guides, co- guides and colleagues have a deep commitment to your success and to ensuring that the doctoral program continues to produce stewards of our profession who are passionate about area of vision of a more just and equitable world. They have a wide range of substantive and methodological expertise and among them you will find some of the leading scholars in our profession. Take the time and the initiative to get to know them and their work.

Typically, Seven or Eight new students are selected each year to the respective JGU School, and they consistently report experiencing a faculty and staff committed to their success and graduation.

Professor (Dr) Krishan K. Pandey