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Literary & Fine Arts Society of JGU organises Jhoomar, an online art exhibition

The Literary and Fine Arts Society of JGU organised a three-day online art exhibition, Jhoomar, between December 1 and December 3. Jhoomar is an initiative to promote art and artists that began in 2020 and is led by Prajoth Goenka, a student of  Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities. The exhibition is aimed at celebrating and promoting the skill-based creativity of artists from around the world in collaboration with Everyonescreative, an online organisation that explores and undertakes creative ventures.

The exhibition brought over 25 professional and amateur artists from around the globe, including South Africa and France. The event focused on promoting young artists and provided a platform for students from different Indian and international institutions including Shristi Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, and Goldsmith, University of London, to display their work.

The event received an impressive response from the audience and artists, who won appreciation and recognition amid conversations on artistic processes and importance of art as a medium of expression and channelling emotions, particularly in the times of a global pandemic. The art curation was also appreciated.

The first day of the event witnessed 600 direct views on the website. The second day of the event included live interaction with art and artists, where the audience got an opportunity to meet artists and ask questions about the work on display and learn about their creative process. A special introduction of artists on social media and a gallery walkthrough were organised where artists came on a Zoom call and shared details about their art pieces with the audience. The event has reached 3,0000 views as per Instagram Insights.

Link to video: