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The Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling (JSPC) aspires to be a national and international leader in undergraduate and graduate education

Maintaining the highest academic standards, JSPC students will join a rich and vibrant intellectual community and receive a first-rate interdisciplinary education from diverse faculty members. Students will be exposed to psychological theory, experimentation, and practice through a range of innovative and rigorous courses from JSPC and other schools at JGU. Students will be taught the value of both critical and creative thinking and the best assessment and treatment procedures for counselling and other forms of mental health care. Real-world experience will be gained through the completion of practicums and wide-ranging internship opportunities. Collaborations established by the School and its faculty will provide students the opportunity to study and work with eminent universities, schools, and institutions in India and abroad.


Beginning the first semester, JSPC students will develop the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in psychology, with an emphasis on analytical thinking and academic writing. Courses will employ experiential learning techniques, applying psychological principles and results to real-world experiences. The scientist-practitioner model will also be utilized, nurturing student’s ability to integrate psychological theory, research, and practice.


JSPC is committed to providing students the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to succeed in business or academia, preparing students to assume productive and socially responsible leadership roles. In essence, the School aims to educate the psychologists of today, who will enrich and improve the world of tomorrow.