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Organic Farming and Environmental Sustainability

This JGU-funded initiative began in October 2015 with the goal of achieving environmental sustainability over the long term in the JGU campus. The aim is to produce healthy food, especially vegetables and herbs, while establishing an ecological balance to protect environmental resources like soil and water and taking a proactive approach as opposed to treating problems after they emerge. The project is based on a 2-acre land provided and funded by the University. About 50 students from JGU’s various schools and several faculty members are volunteering with the project. Students over the course of time will also be encouraged and taught to design projects using smaller plots and limited resources to spread the message that such initiatives can be done in limited spaces, and thus that in today’s world where space
is increasingly a problem, eating healthy and protecting our natural environment can still be feasible. From the start of this project, students have been involved in active field work working on preparing the land, digging irrigation trenches around the land, sowing of seeds and planting, and also regular maintenance of the plots. There are currently about 15 different varieties of vegetables and some herbs that have been planted on the farm. A vermi compost facility adjacent to the farm is being used to allow for better and healthy produce. This project will continue through the coming years and will engage students and other interested members in the JGU community to work towards a sustainable future. The project is led by Professor Mimi Roy.
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