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Cosmopolitan Belongings: The Chinese Community in Calcutta

This book project studies the presence of the diasporic Chinese community within the urban contexts of Calcutta. It weaves through ideas of ‘diaspori(city)’ that include narratives of diasporic existence in everyday lived urban spaces. Theoretically, it engages with notions of mobility and locatedness that encompass issues of home, belonging and identity. The book makes a wider argument around minority and diasporic communities creating a space of belonging, and negotiating notions of citizenship, within the space of the neighborhood. It also analyses a sense of urban belonging created through cosmopolitan connections that typify both the urban and diasporic contexts. Based on archival sources and extensive qualitative research, the book combines historical and contemporary accounts of the Chinese community in Calcutta. The chapters are arranged around the following thematic issues: neighborhood and segregation; migration and mobility; sociality and cosmopolitan lives; homely/ un-homely city; heritage and belonging. A book proposal has been submitted to Oxford India-China Series (Oxford University Press), edited by Anand Yang, Prasenjit Duara and Tansen Sen. The manuscript is expected to be completed by August 2016.
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