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Prof. (Dr.) Priya Kanungo

Prof. (Dr.) Priya Kanungo

Professor of Performing Arts & Assistant Dean (Student Cultural & Entertainment Group of JGU)

B.Com.(University of Delhi);

M.A.(University of Delhi);

M.Phil.(University of Delhi);

Ph.D. (University of Delhi)


Prof. (Dr.) Priya Kanungo has an M.A., M.Phil, and Ph.D in Hindustani Vocal Music from Delhi University. She has been awarded the National Talent Scholarship by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, and has been Advisor, DD Bharati, a television channel dedicated to art and culture. She has also taught an introductory course in Hindustani Music at Yale University, USA, in 2010, and at Ashoka University, Haryana (India), in 2014. Since January 2017, she is teaching music and writing at O P Jindal Global University, Sonipat.

A vocalist, Priya has been a disciple of Pundit Amarnath of the Indore Gharana, and Pundit Deepak Chatterjee of the Seheswan Gharana. Currently, her gurus are the celebrated duo, Pandits Rajan and Sajan Misra of the Banaras Gharana. She sings khayal, thumris, bhajans, ghazals, and film songs. She is happy to experiment with different genres of music, and to collaborate with artistes from varied fields.

Apart from her interest in music, Priya has a degree in Commerce from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, and has worked as a journalist with The Financial Express, The Economic Times, Business Standard and Hindustan Times. She has written on culture, and social issues.

The Role of Criticism in Hindustani Music, Kanishka Publishers, 2007

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