Sumedha Bhattacharya

Academic Tutor & TRIP Fellow

B.Tech . (University of Engineering and Management);
PGDM (Ashoka University);
Masters (Erasmus Mundus Masters in International Masters in Dance Knowledge, Practice & Heritage)

Sumedha is an interdisciplinary dance artist, choreographer, researcher, and a dance filmmaker. With a in Electronics and Communication Engineering and an empanelment by Indian Council for Cultural Relations as a Kathak performing artist, she finds herself exploring in-between performance and technology vis-à-vis dance and camera. As a Young India Fellow at Ashoka University , Sumedha started experimenting with this interdisciplinary and critical thinking and received a full scholarship to study her passion for dance under Choreomundus Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Dance knowledge , Practice and Heritage in Norway, France, Hungary, and UK .


With a specialization in Screen-dance filmmaking , dance anthropology and visual ethnography. she traveled, lived together, and collaborated with a range of forms, communities, and dance-theatre makers across local, national, and international locations. 


She is a current awardee of Kolkata Centre for Creativity Art Fellowship in Dance with her embodied practice-based research project Duet with Camera that explores the relationship between the dancer and the camera. 


She has also been an Artist -in-Residence at Flame University Pune that culminated into a performance installation . Her work on Body as Archive , had been selected as one of the South Asian curators for KHOJ, International Artists’ Association 2018.


Her artistic practice brings a fresh viewership of the camera as an artistic process for caring and contemplation, an enabling space for intergenerational bonding , and a narrative tool for dance pedagogy which challenges the existing formal qualities of ‘seeing’ dance. 


Sumedha’s research interests surround surveillance, memory, somatic practice, body as an archive,  space and spectatorship , architecture and choreography, dance and film in India, female gaze , mythology, and technology. 


Her experimental dance films have travelled internationally to  Tranzit House Romania, Screen.Dance Scotland’s Festival of Dance on Screen Screendance Festival , San Souci Festival for Dance Cinema , Movimiento en Movimiento International Film Festival , Mexico City, and Numeridanse Tv,  France


As a part-time visiting faculty at Ashoka University, and a Guest Lecturer at Barnard College for Women, Columbia University, she finds teaching helps reflect on her own artistic practice. 


She loves to travel, paint , photograph, get lost in gadgets, collect hats,  drink chai and dreams to make a dance film with her father.