Pritam singh

Academic Tutor & TRIP Fellow

B.Com. (University of Delhi);
M.A. (Ambedkar University);
M.Phil. (University of Cambridge)

Pritam Singh has recently completed his MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies from the University of Cambridge as a Commonwealth Master’s Scholar from India. Pritam’s MPhil dissertation Challenging Caste in Colonial India: Singh Sabha Movement and the Origins of Anti-Caste Struggles in Punjab c. 1870-1925 has been awarded C.A. Bayly Dissertation Prize. Broadly, Pritam’s interests lie in understanding caste, religion and politics in colonial Punjab, that is, 1849-1947. However, having completed his Master’s in Sociology from Ambedkar University, Delhi and having written his M.A. thesis on caste among the Sikhs he also has substantial sociological understanding of caste in contemporary Punjab. Marginally, Pritam has also been interested in working on caste and its relationship with Hindu family law.