Dr. Nick Lee

Assistant Professor

B.A. (University of Hongkong);
M.A. (University of Hongkong);
M.Phil. (University of Queensland);
Ph.D. (Curtin University)

Dr. Nick got his bachelors in Psychology and Philosophy, masters in Buddhist studies and Ph.D in Psychology. He is a long time practitioner of mindfulness meditation and has a deep interest in psychology and philosophy. His primary area of interest is the impact of mindfulness practices on one’s sense of self, relatedness, empathy and compassion, especially in people who are on the autistic spectrum. Another area which he hopes to explore is how empathy and compassion affects people’s sense of justice and fairness. It is Nick’s belief that traditional Buddhist philosophical models could be integrated into the empirically driven psychological models of the modern world to create a more holistic understanding of the fundamental paradigm of the human condition.