Dr. Lipika Kamra

Assistant Professor

B.A. (University of Delhi);
M.A. (Jawaharlal Nehru University); M.Phil. (University of Delhi);
D.Phil. (University of Oxford)

Dr. Lipika received her doctorate from the University of Oxford in 2016. Her research and teaching interests crisscross political and social anthropology, gender studies, international development, and South Asian studies.

Lipika’s current book project examines the relationship between counterinsurgency, statemaking, and development in modern India. Through a combination of ethnographic and historical methods, she studies how counterinsurgency recurs as a primary driver of colonial and postcolonial statemaking in regions associated today with the Maoist insurgency. She focuses, in particular, on the gendered aspects of state-society interactions in counterinsurgency contexts. Parts of this work have been published in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes.

Lipika is also conducting research for a new project on women voters and democratic politics in India.