Himangi Ahuja

Adjunct Faculty

M. A. (Philosophy); M. Phil(University of Delhi) 2019

Himangi is a Research Associate at the Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities. Her interest areas are Philosophy of Language, Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind. She is currently pursuing M.Phil. at University of Delhi. Her research focuses on blurring the sharp dichotomy between semantics and pragmatics. She is redefining moderate contextualism to the effect that all words in language have an inherent context sensitivity, however, the supplementing of meaning from the context is constrained (hence, moderate contextualism) by the particular usage of the word. She sees the standing meaning of a word as a framework upon which relevant context is applied and the complete meaning of the uttered word is obtained. 

As a young student, she was fascinated with the novelty of ideas and thoughts that philosophers and different schools of philosophy have to offer and that was the advent of her appreciation and passion for Philosophy. 

As a teacher, she focuses on inculcating thinking and articulation powers in her students. She ardently believes that Philosophy is something one does, rather than something one reads. She sees it as a verb.