Dr. Ishan Mukherjee

Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean

B.A. (Jadavpur University);
M.A., M.Phil. (Jawaharlal Nehru University);
Ph.D. (University of Cambridge)

Dr. Ishan Mukherjee has a PhD in History from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. His research focussed on forms of popular politics during decolonisation in South Asia. He is interested in questions of popular mobilisation, political violence, decolonisation, state-building and nation-making processes in the post-colonial world, post-colonial citizenship, and other related issues. He was elected to a prestigious Dissertation Fellowship by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, New York, in 2015-16 for studying issues concerning violence and conflict in human societies. Following his PhD, he has worked as Assistant Editor at the Economic & Political Weekly