Student's Speak

Bhavya VemulapalliBatch 2018; Andhra Pradesh

My name is Bhavya Vemulapalli, and I was born and raised in Andhra Pradesh (South India). I am currently a second-year Journalism student and have loved my time at O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University) thus far except for the bland food because I’m used to eating spicy food! I like to stay involved on campus, which I do so by participating in sports, especially Kabaddi and Basketball, and being part of several clubs like Rotaract Club of O.P. Jindal. I was the Director of Social Media for Rotaract Club from 2018-19. I have to admit that Kabaddi is a rough sport because I had to stop playing this semester due to a knee injury while playing it! Hope I’ll be back at it soon. Outside of school, I enjoy going to Polo matches and researching about equestrian sports, work on my blog and my upcoming podcast related to current politics and spending time doodling, reading and travelling with my diverse friend circle here. I decided to pursue a career in Sports Journalism because it combines my two passions: being a sports enthusiast and the love for telling stories. I am glad to be part of this community and the exposure that I get because of excellent professors and mentors here who will help me through achieving my career aspirations!

Aashima Sharma –  Batch 2017; Chandigarh ,Punjab

At JSJC, we not only focus on academics but also holistic development of the students. The lectures are not merely inclined towards theories but practical applications as well. The faculty is extremely helpful and approachable. We have worked together towards achieving excellence and will continue to do so.

I interned at BBC-World, Delhi for almost a month. For me, this opportunity means stepping into the office environment and understanding how a news organization functions. I worked at the digital desk for two weeks and at the production/television department for another two. It was a great experience to have classroom theories turn into real life applications.

Rashi Rajesh – Batch 2017; Delhi

As a budding journalist and communicator, I see Jindal School of Journalism and Communication helping me in achieving my future endeavours. The faculty of JSJC is not just made of qualified professors but of great mentors as well. In this span with this school I noticed it helped me achieve a lot by getting me out of my comfort zone.

Aditya Talpade – Batch 2017 ; Mumbai, Maharashtra

At the Jindal School of Journalism and Communication, I learned the importance of working within a deadline, a skill which is undoubtedly going to help me throughout my life, in any field I choose to get into. Here at JSJC, there is a big emphasis on fact checking and avoiding fake news. This is something which I fell is super important in a world where anyone can act as a journalist.

Shaardhool Shreenath   – Batch 2018 ; Chennai, Tamil Nadu

JSJC provides students, a balanced, holistic course structure concentrating on developing both theoretical and practical knowledge. We get hands on experience, working with studio equipment & field recorders. Constant exposure to conferences and discussions such as Media Rumble, gave me an opportunity to interact with experienced journalists, novelists and writers. The experienced faculty and their ability to impart global journalistic practices is what makes this course unique. ” 

Intended Specialization -Writing

Satvika Mahajan – Batch 2018 ; Delhi

During my stay in JGU as a student of JSJC, I have picked up many valuable skills and been a part of numerous events and collaboration. Furthermore, I have learned many beneficial leadership skills as a member of the student council. The curriculum has helped me enhance my writing skills and given me the opportunity to explore the discipline of journalism under an esteemed faculty. The faculty assisted me at every step to ensure that I polish my skills to become the journalist that I can be.

Intended Specialization-Writing

Harleen Walia – Batch 2017 ; Ludhiana , Punjab

I am Harleen Walia, a 21-year old budding journalist. I am currently pursuing Journalism and Communication course at O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University). I am passionate about writing and finding out the truth. I want to give the voice to the unheard people. 

We all know that practical work is much better than sitting in class and learning the theoretical part. Practicality cannot be taught in textbooks. Internships give students hand on experience which they need.

I was quite lucky to get through in ToI. So, I did my first internship in The Times of India, Chandigarh.

The happiness of seeing my article with a byline in the newspaper cannot be put in words. It encouraged me to work even harder. With this, my interest in journalism grew every single day. Waking up early in the morning with a curiosity to see if the article got published with a byline was an experience in itself. It really cannot be put in words.

I wanted to try and explore every type of media to see where my real interest lies. So, after Times of India, I interned with India Today. In India Today, I worked with digital department.

Working with India Today was a good experience. But then for me, editorial department was much better than the digital department. After my internship in India Today, I was quite sure that I didn’t want my career to be in the digital department. Recently, I worked with NDTV and covered Lok Sabha Elections 2019 with them. My next aim is to work with some production house. I have been trying to contact various production houses and have mailed my CV to them.

When I look back and reflect on the things I learnt, I feel that it definitely was a bumpy ride but an experience every student must have. I learnt more than I expected during both my internships. I learnt that it is very difficult to please a customer. I learnt the value of time. I learnt to work in team as well as an individual. I learnt to be more responsible. The best thing I learnt till now from my internships was – never be afraid to ask questions. Only by asking questions can we get our answers.

Parents's Speak

“As a father of a daughter who just graduated from school and took her first steps towards being independent and building her career, and father of a son who is pursuing higher studies to enhance his career, O. P Jindal University is by far the best companion they could have gotten to help them in this journey. With a highly qualified, well respected and very supportive faculty, I have no doubt, they will make the best choices when it comes to their professional life. The faculty not only nurtures them to be hardworking student but also develops them to build their very own unique personality. As a parent, the security of my children is of paramount importance and that is being taken care of with the highest dedication possible by the security personnel of JGU. One of the most fascinating features of this university is that everyone is very courteous and easily approachable. Whether it’s the faculty, the administration or even the management, which reassures the commitment and vision the university has for my children and as a parent that is very satisfying. All in all this is a great journey for my children and me and I can’t thank the university enough to make all of this happen.”


Kapil Suri

(Father of : Shambhavi Suri – B.A (hons.) Media and Communication ,JSJC; Dhananjay Suri – M.A (DLB) , JSIA)