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FAQ’S for M.A. DLB

What is the procedure for admission into the M.A. Diplomacy, Law and Business (DLB) programme?

  • Step 1.   Complete and submit the application form available here: On receipt of your application form, the Admissions Department will send you a welcome email along with details of the programme and entrance examination guidelines and dates.
  • Step 2.  Enroll for the entrance examination by confirming the date with the Admissions Department.
  • Step 3.  Give the 8-hour open book exam on the scheduled date.
  • Step 4. Your result will be available within four working days. If you have passed the exam, you will receive an Admission Offer Letter. If you have not passed the exam, feedback will be provided and you may opt to re-take the exam.
  • Step 5:   The Offer Letter will give you a deadline for sending in your acceptance and payment of registration fee of Rs 50,000/-. Complete the registration formalities by the set date.
  • Step 6:   Report to the School on the specified date in the last week of July 2022. Admissions formalities including verification of documents and payment of semester fees are to be completed at this time. The academic session commences on 1 August, 2022

The entrance exam will be conducted every month, and the last exam will be scheduled in July. The entrance exam will test your knowledge about current affairs including India’s relations with other countries and various global issues. We will be looking for three key things in your answers: awareness of current events, writing skills (avoid plagiarism) and analysis of the events.

Please articulate your views in your words, rather than borrowing extensively (which could result in plagiarism) when you write the essays.

Answers must be illustrated with concrete examples and factual evidence. The maximum length limit for each answer is 2000 words. Answers that exceed this limit will be penalized.

  1. Why is the European economic crisis not ending despite frantic efforts?
  2. Is it fair to call 21st century an “Asian Century”? 
  3. What does the latest unrest in Turkey tell you about democracy?
  4. Can the U.S. and China cooperate with each other?
  5. Is surveillance of global communications by the U.S. government justified?
  6. Why have the Panama Leaks caused political upheaval around the world?
  7. Can China and the USA coexist and avoid conflict? H. Is the EU unprepared to control terrorism? 

The Office of Career and Services-JSIA assists students in exploring internships/job opportunities in sectors like Inter-Government, Regional and International Non-Governmental Organizations, Financial institutions, Think-tanks, Media, Consultancies, Law firms, Embassies, Diplomatic missions, and others.


Over the past three years, MADLB students could secure positions in organizations like: I-PAC, Max Security, Mitkat Advisory, Republic TV, The Economist, Jane’s Defence, WIPRO, and Pinkerton.

A dual degree program gives students an experience of two institutional environments along with attaining a double specialization in a shorter period of time than traditional periods. Students gain interdisciplinary knowledge and skills that prepare them to be professionals in today’s world. Furthermore, studying and living abroad is an excellent way to immerse oneself in another culture.